5 Unique Traits Of Those On The Leo Virgo Cusp

Being on the cusp imbues you with a unique mixture of traits from both signs.

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Being on a “cusp” in astrology means being born between two pivotal points that involve two neighboring signs.

Though you can only have one Sun sign, those on a cusp between signs may find that you're more influenced by the traits of the neighboring sign than others who fall more in the middle of each sign.

For example, someone born on the Leo-Virgo cusp, known as the Cusp of Exposure, will be between 26 degrees of Leo and 3 degrees of Virgo. Leo season starts around July 23rd through August 22nd, when Virgo Season begins.


Leo-Virgo cusp dates

Those with birthdays falling on this cusp are born between August 18th and August 24th.

Being born under this cusp can make the native confident, intelligent and optimistic. They know how to take charge and will learn to embrace who they are as they get older.

Leo-Virgo cusp traits

1. Confident

Having the Sun as the ruler in a natal chart or personal placements with Leo shows someone that will learn to find their purpose.


Those born under the cusp of the Sun and Mercury-ruled signs are intelligent, determined, and confident when they learn how to love themselves. The natives will be curious about the world around them, constantly investigating, and growing, and will be on the path to learning throughout their life.

As they develop more knowledge about the world around them, they feel their confidence building.

2. Charming

They can be popular because they have a very magnetic personality. It is easy for natives born under this cusp to steal the spotlight even if they do not intend to do so.

They are wonderful networkers and know how to get everyone to join them. It is very easy for them to take on leadership positions because they have a way with words. People can easily trust and rely on them. Whether they like it or not, these folks make wonderful leaders because they can get people to trust them.


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3. Benevolent

Leo is generous and will be magnanimous with their loved ones. Virgos can also be extremely selfless and dedicate themselves to the people they appreciate and care about. Being born under this cusp shows someone willing to help when others need them.

However, they will not forget who they are and will not put themselves second. They know how to respect their boundaries and protect their energy. Helping others comes easily to them, but they will not become martyrs.

4. Loyal

Born under this cusp shows that the native has the best of both worlds.


As a fixed sign, Leos are very protective of the people they love and are incredibly loyal. They can be reliable and dependable friends. They will be devoted, romantic partners. However, when their trust is broken, there is no going back to the way things were because they will hold grudges. And if they choose to forgive, they will not forget.

Virgos are also extremely loyal and faithful to romantic partners they deem worthy. They are always there for their family members and friends.

Both Leos and Virgos appreciate and are protective of the people that have shown them the same love and care that they express to others.

5. Ambitious

Both Leos and Virgos are extremely ambitious signs. However, Virgos would rather go the humble route and work behind the scenes. They enjoy being at the top of their class or the top of the chain in the corporate world or whatever field they choose. Expect the Virgos to be recognized by people in positions of power because of their hard work. Their resourcefulness and intelligence allow them to get to the top even if they do not want the spotlight.


Leos are the same but will take pride in their work and will not be afraid to show off. They understand that to work hard, they need to play hard, so they will respect their boundaries and give themselves the break they need.

The native born under these powerful signs will understand that balance is essential to thrive and succeed.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.