2 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Experience Abundance In February 2024

The heavy Aquarius energy in February 2024 is extremely beneficial for two zodiac signs in particular.

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The month of February will bring a lot of impetus and abundance to the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Jupiter is still in Taurus, giving both Capricorn and Aquarius several expansive opportunities to pursue their goals and reflect on their successes.

Mars is currently in Capricorn, giving the sea goats a lot of energy and passion to pursue their dreams. Venus will be in both of these Saturnian signs during the month, catapulting their friendships and romantic relationships to a new level. Mars enters Aquarius on the 13th and Venus follows suit on the 16th.


Mercury enters Aquarius on February 5th, along with the intense new moon in Aquarius on February 9th, bringing opportunities for everyone to connect and bond with others more effortlessly.

The month intensifies with the Sun entering Pisces on February 18th and the full moon in Virgo on the 24th, helping both signs close chapters and initiate powerful beginnings.

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2 zodiac signs most likely to experience abundance in February 2024

1. Capricorn

The planets in Aquarius are having you shift your attention to your career and resources. Mercury, the sun, Mars and Venus will all move into Aquarius, which can bring a lot of clarity and patience when it comes to planning for the future and sparking your curiosity. This is a period of potential financial growth because you will be driven to achieve more success.


You could surprise yourself with how much you learn and research during February with Mercury in Aquarius allowing you to think outside the box and impress teachers, bosses and authority figures. Pluto here is also revamping your relationship to the self and this is heightened by the stellium. But Jupiter in Taurus is supportive now, helping you stay on course with more optimism and a willingness to adapt and make changes when necessary.

The sun entering Pisces later in the month will further expand your communication and social connections, helping you evolve and be more honest about your expectations with friends and partners. While the full moon in Virgo adds plenty of power and a need for achievement. The transit helps you to make those plans a reality through collaborations. Climbing the mountain may seem much more manageable now that you have support and are cheered on by others. 

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2. Aquarius

Major transits occurred in January and now things get interesting in February. Many new opportunities centered on expansion and personal growth reveal themselves for you, a period where the focus will shift from the individual in favor of improving the collective. It will be a great period for productive teamwork and you will be able to meet new people with Venus entering your sign beginning February 17th.


Things may feel a little rocky since Pluto is setting up shop and helping you build a new collection of tools for the next several decades. But there is familiarity here since you experienced something similar when Saturn was transiting your sign a few years back. With the collection of planets ready to enter your sign, the Aquarius stellium can bring ups and downs, but you will have the intuition to navigate them gracefully. After all, Aquarius is an artist and known as an intellectual because your ingenuity is inspiring.

With a lot more wisdom comes the patience and determination you have within. But this month will help you stand out because of your wisdom, magnetism, and willingness to help others. Remember to show yourself more patience and kindness while you adjust to Pluto’s extravagant entrance.

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