4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The March 25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra

Those with rising, sun or moon placements in these zodiac signs will experience significant effects from this full moon lunar eclipse — here's why.

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The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th, 2024, will have elements of the Saturn in Capricorn transit as well as the last cardinal eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn from July 2018 through June 2020. The time now is about reclaiming your power, and control and learning to move forward.

With Saturn in a mutable sign, there is a very important message about adapting and learning from prior experiences. Saturn in Pisces will have these signs to learn to adjust to changes and build better structures. Meanwhile, the eclipse will teach all these signs to believe in themselves and to become fearless when taking the lead.


4 zodiac signs most affected by the March 25 full moon lunar eclipse in Libra



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1. Aries

An analysis of your prior relationships could occur during this transit. The full moon in Libra will feel much more special this year because it is part of the new cycle of eclipses occurring in your sign. Eclipse season bestows you a new map, where you can initiate your journey to self-discovery. There is a lot of potential growth as you learn to break free from bad habits and things you have allowed in past relationships.


This is a time not to be held by the past but instead an opportunity to move forward and become who you were meant to be. Learn to tap into your power, especially if you are still clinging to an idea or a person who no longer serves you. Eclipse energy for the next several years will also change the way you view those relationships.

Once you embrace a new mindset and break free from the past, a period of deconstructing, renewal, and transformations will occur. For the next several years, you are preparing to emerge with more wisdom and power.

2. Cancer

Your career will be the highlight of this transit as you will see the potent effects of the nodes in Aries and Libra. You will be more comfortable embracing new directions and opportunities that may present themselves.

However, as a cardinal sign, the energy now may also impact your personal relationships as well as your home environment. Balance is essential for all cardinal signs since the eclipse can make it feel as though you are once more taking a class from a previous semester. The cardinal energy from Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn may return briefly. How are you balancing relationships? Are you prioritizing yourself? The see-saw effect will occur with similar themes but a different view. Nurture those relationships that matter, connect with the people who inspire and help you thrive emotionally, and become your best friend as the waves of this energy continue to flow.


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3. Libra

The theme now will be about embracing your independent spirit while also building a meaningful foundation for your new or existing relationships. Saturn in Aquarius brought about some good topics for you to revisit. Reconnecting with who you are, your purpose, goals, and desires will be part of this transit.

You will be pushed out of your comfort zone for the next several months and years because this eclipse season will highlight areas where changes must be made and where you must be honest with yourself. The challenges now may be more connected to how you have those dynamics. Saturn will be entering Aries in a few years, and the nodes can feel like a prelude to a new story. Be more in command of this story, write the chapter you want, and don’t dim your light. 


4. Capricorn

When this eclipse occurs, it will feel like a melancholy melody — but Aries energy brings the themes of renewal, hope, and dreaming once again. You are cutting the chains that hold you back and accepting the metamorphosis. Think back to when Saturn and the eclipses were in your sign back in July 2018 all the way through June 2020. Some of the themes then will be repeated but with a different flavor. It's a time when you will see the world differently because you are still transforming and growing.

The energy now will pull from the highest and lowest parts of your chart, making you feel the storm that brews — but you have endured harder moments and have succeeded. The objective is to move forward and not reflect on the negatives or what has not been achieved yet, but learn from them. Plenty of opportunities will come around so don’t rush the process because you are on the right path.

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