An Astrologer Analyzes Kate Middleton's Birth Chart & Theorizes Where She Really Is

As rumors surrounding Kate Middleton's whereabouts swirl, an astrologer analyzes the Princess' birth chart for clues.

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There has recently been a lot of news coverage along with speculation and conspiracy theories as to why Kate Middleton, the current Princess of Wales, hasn't been seen since December 2023. Her last official public appearance was Christmas Day and she was reportedly admitted to the hospital on January 16, 2024, where she allegedly remained until January 29th and since then has been said to be recovering.


There has been no official comment on why she was hospitalized other than ‘abdominal surgery’ but the British Royal Family has a history of keeping health matters secret — at least until they can’t any longer.

The Palace's attempts to quell public speculation have backfired as people can't help but wonder: where is Kate Middleton?

According to professional astrologer and licensed therapist Amy Tripp, original reports of the Princess of Wales undergoing abdomnial surgery were likely correct.

In a TikTok video, Tripp discussed how certain placements in Middleton's chart showed an association to such a medical procedure. At the time of her surgery, Tripp expained that Middleton had "Uranus square her ascendant, which represents your physical body, and Uranus is sudden change, unexpected disruptions, etc. However, now that she has been missing all of 2024," Tripp said, she suspects something else may be going on.




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Mercury, the planet of communication, was conjunct Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, during the week of March 3rd.

This is a powerful aspect and many things, especially rumors, should be ignored at this time because chances are we don’t have all or any of the correct information. Misinformation often spreads like wildfire during this transit — which may be exactly what's been going on here.

On March 4, 2024, reports surfaced about Middleton being spotted in a car, which only caused more public speculation about the nature of her illness as many doubted that the woman in the picture was actually Middleton.


The Palace issued another statement after the report of her being spotted, explaining, “she hopes that the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible and her wish is that her personal medical information remains private." The statement continued, “Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the Princess’s recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands.”

Despite attempted reassurance that the Princess is doing well, the British army added to the mass confusion when its official website said that Catherine would attend the Trooping the Colour military parade in June, only to remove her name hours later. Kensington Palace, which confirms the attendance of William or Catherine at events, did not make an announcement, nor did they respond to a request for comment Wednesday, according to reports.


If the story is to be believed about the Princess being spotted, however, she is surely on the mend. While her illness may be more serious than perhaps the public was led to believe, things are certainly looking up for March. The Palace originally commented that she would be back to official duties around Easter. We will see if this timeline holds true, but it would be no surprise if she is spotted at that time since the Royal family is known for attending church services on important holidays.

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When she underwent the surgery in January, Jupiter in Taurus (ruled by Venus) squared her natal Venus in her sixth house of health.

At the time of the Princess' surgery, journalist Concha Calleja claimed that the Princess of Wales had undergone a hysterectomy and has since been in a coma, which the palace has specifically denied. However, the timing of her stay in the hospital could coincide with a hysterectomy with complications if this story is correct and the length of recovery could indicate this.

Astrologically, Venus rules the reproductive organs and ovaries, giving this theory plausibility, and the uterus falls under the category of sixth house. Additionally, Jupiter in Taurus opposed her fourth house Jupiter in Scorpio, and Scorpio is the sign that rules sexual organs.


While this theory has more possibility than some, astrologically, a coma is unrealistic, as it is is a serious neurological condition represented by Mercury, and nothing in her chart that indicates such. Unsurprisingly, the palace denied the story along with any issue that concerns cancer. 

By the end of March, Jupiter begins to sextile Kate Middleton's moon and trine her sun.

This Jupiter-Sun aspect can only result in better health and Jupiter-Moon aspects tend to bring more personal happiness and positivity.

The March 25th full moon eclipse in Libra falls in the Princess' third house of immediate family, but trines her Venus and Mercury, which lie in her sixth house of work and health. This is a fabulous transit and we should all be this lucky with the Libra eclipse. No doubt she will feel a great deal of love around this time, and it appears to be a harbinger she may soon be ready to return to her regular life.

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One theory suggests that, with Uranus square Kate's ascendant, divorce is imminent.

The ascendant is connected with the body and the personal self, and Uranus is the most unpredictable of planets. It would not be uncommon to suffer an unexpected health issue with an aspect like this. It’s hard to know what to expect with Uranus but events tend to happen suddenly and they can seem out of the blue.

While this one aspect could be associated with divorce there are other combinations that are far more likely to represent a permanent parting of the ways in marriage. Divorce in a woman’s chart frequently involves Uranus or Pluto square or opposing the Sun or Venus. While these transits are frequently associated with divorce, they are only some of the combinations and no two cases are the same. In a woman’s chart, the sun rules the husband, and transiting Uranus is trine her sun and Jupiter is about to trine her sun as well, which does not typically indicate divorce.

We could add to this theory that Chiron, known as the ‘wounded healer,’ is currently squaring her sun, which not only represents the husband but also represents the self and the ‘vital core.’ This aspect is sometimes seen with illness.

Additionally, divorce would also have to be indicated in the chart of the Prince of Wales, her husband.


The moon in a man’s chart rules the wife, and when she entered the hospital in January, Jupiter was actually sextile his moon which is in no way indicative of divorce. In fact, nothing in his chart indicates divorce.

In January, transiting Neptune was squaring William’s Neptune in the 12th house of hospitals. There may have been some confusion as to what was going on, at least in the beginning. But the 12th house also represents secrecy along with hospitals.

Astrologically, it appears Kate has experienced an illness and surgery that is taking some time to recover from.

It appears to me the surgery was more serious than the palace has stated, but there is every reason to believe looking at her chart that she will make a recovery and be feeling much better soon.


Transiting Jupiter will trine her sun by late March/early April and there is no transit that will help with recovery more than Jupiter trine the Sun (and sextile her Moon). By June, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be trining her Mercury and Venus and this should represent a time of feeling much better with a cheerful and optimistic outlook. It is certainly not indicative of a divorce.

It appears to me the Princess of Wales will make a recovery looking at her chart, along with her husband’s.

Kate has asked for privacy concerning her medical affairs and while it is human nature to speculate about such a high profile person, perhaps the best things we can do is just go back to our lives and wish the best. Here’s wishing the Princess of Wales and her family the best of luck and a quick recovery!

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Leslie Hale is a professional astrologer offering personal astrology readings worldwide by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom.