What You Need In A Relationship To Feel A Strong Romantic Connection, According To Astrology

There are certain placements in your chart that reveal exactly what type of romantic energy you need in a relationship.

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The fifth house in the natal chart is connected to dating and romance, representing the initial stages of a blossoming courtship. According to professional astrologer Luci Alfano, this means that the fifth house can provide insight into what you need to feel swooned by a potential romantic partner. 

"If the people you have dated do not bring that romantic energy that you need, it's probably because they are not aligning with your fifth house," Alfano explained in a TikTok video, sharing that you should check "the sign that rules your fifth and the planets for more information on what you need when it comes to romance in your relationships."


As a relationship deepens, it graduates from the fifth and moves to the seventh, which is tied to commitments, long-term relationships, and marriage. But the fifth house can teach us about our dating style, what partners we attract in the short term and how we fall in love. 


What you need in a relationship to feel a strong romantic connection, according to astrology

Aries 5th house

This placement can be a breath of fresh air, sparking the natives to channel their playful energy into new relationships. Having this placement can be synonymous with a rebirth in romance. The native wants a partner who brings excitement and will fall for someone who can flow with their vibrant energy. Romance feels like something new and shiny, so things should be kept interesting for the native.

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Taurus 5th house

An awakening can happen when the native falls in love. Romance, fancy meals and dates to Venusian-themed places will help the natives fall deeper in love with their potential partners. The native with this placement wants to be courted as if they were in a romantic movie. They want to experience the fairy tale aspect of love early on before they get more serious.

Gemini 5th house

Mental stimulation will keep this placement on its toes. A partner who can help them think in new ways will surely win them. Gemini wants to experience something new and exciting that keeps them guessing. The more surprises, the better. The Gemini fifth house enjoys bouncing ideas off someone they are interested in. Communication is essential here.


Cancer 5th house

Comfort and security will be recipes for a successful relationship for the Cancer fifth house. The native seeks someone who can help them build their root system. Their partner should feel like a safe haven. They want protection and security. The native enjoys spending time with their partner doing things at home.

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Leo 5th house

Passion and creativity flow hand in hand when the native with this placement finds the person they consider to be 'the one.' The natives want to feel like movie stars and be romanced like one. Leo in the fifth house wants their partner's undivided attention. A devoted, sweet, compassionate partner will make them feel loved and cared for. They want someone who can be their confidant and help them to elevate.


Virgo 5th house

Charming as ever, the Virgo fifth house native knows how to win their partner over and shower them with love and affection. They want a partner who can help them feel secure and know that they are not wasting their time on them. Those with this placement will look to the future and seek a partner who will be patient, protective, and encouraging of their ambitions.

Libra 5th house

Although the natives may feel a little scattered, they seek someone who will bring them peace, safety and security regarding love and romance. Venus rules this house, so the native will be captivated by a beautiful partner who embodies these traits. They are enamored by their partner's intelligence, comportment and mannerisms.

Scorpio 5th house

Those with this placement seek loyalty and a partner with whom they can share their hearts. Deep understanding and sometimes even physical connections electrify this placement. The Scorpio fifth house will want to have someone's heart and know everything about them. They want to share the world with a kind, affectionate and attentive partner they can rely on.

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Sagittarius 5th house

A relationship for this placement is defined by how well they can communicate with their partner. These are adventurous spirits who want to have a whirlwind romance that makes their hearts flutter. They want to feel passion and exhilaration. The Sagittarius fifth will not enjoy something monotonous because they want to be transported to new places and try new things.

Capricorn 5th house

When the Capricorn fifth dates, they want a partner who can offer them potential stability. While dating, they romance their partner, take them out and get to know them patiently. They do their best to do activities that their partner enjoys. Their approach is very straightforward and practical. It will take them time to express their feelings, but they will show their partner love and devotion through the dating stage.

Aquarius 5th house

They long to meet someone magnetic who can pull them out of their slump and take center stage with them. Love is a method of healing and entering a new cycle for them. Those with this placement desire to meet intellectuals who are visionaries like them. They are intrigued by ambitious people who can help motivate them.

Pisces 5th house

Imaginative and in control, the Pisces fifth house native knows how to use their charm to enchant their partners. They want someone lovely, compassionate, empathetic and kind. They will attract someone who may be into the spiritual and occult. Sharing their heart and soul is something that they strive for, so they want a partner who will be patient, forgiving and focused on them.


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