What The House Your Vesta Sign Is In Reveals About Your Core Values

Vesta represents the light inside each of us.

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The asteroid Vesta in astrology has deep ties to spirituality and what we hold sacred in our life. After all, it was named after the Roman goddess of hearth, home, and family.

Vesta represents the light inside each of us that we endeavor to nurture with devotion and sacrifice. And the zodiac sign and house placement of it in one's birth chart can reveal what we truly hold sacred. It's the asteroid of one's inner calling.


Here's what Vesta in all 12 zodiac houses reveals about your core values.

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Vesta in the 1st house

When you have Vesta in the first house, your soul holds sacred the ideologies of freedom, self-expression and free will. You can never be happy if you are unable to express yourself or understand the world around you through exploration. Safeguarding other's rights and freedom will also be very important to you. Your true strength lies in being true to who you are, carving a unique path for yourself in the world, and never compromising on your personal rules and principles.


Vesta in the 2nd house

When you have Vesta in the second house, your soul craves safety and security to believe life is worth living. You can sacrifice a lot to achieve that need and will almost always elevate yourself in society through this drive. Family ties are also precious to you, and you don't forgive disloyalty and betrayals. Your inner strength lies in recognizing what is truly valuable and what is not, despite appearances and what the world tries to convince you.

Vesta in the 3rd house

When you have Vesta in the third house, you find pleasure in expressing yourself and being understood. Even if the discussions amount to nothing, you value the relationships that are forged through those conversations. You believe that ideas are precious and for change to happen in the world, first people need to start talking about that change and the need that drives it. Your inner strength lies in convincing people of your way of thinking while giving them space and being the catalyst for their changed perception.

Vesta in the 4th house

When you have Vesta in the fourth house, your home and family are your biggest priorities. You will move heaven and earth to make sure your loved ones are provided for and safe, and you won't feel fulfilled in life if you achieve a lot of success in the eyes of society but have no loving family to come home to. You are always family-first. Your inner strength lies in your convictions regarding love, family ties, and the importance of being there for each other. No one can convince you otherwise.

Vesta in the 5th house

When you have Vesta in the fifth house, your soul needs creative self-expression just as much as your body needs air, water, and food — and you won't be happy with just paltry expressions of the mediocre kind or that are experimental or amateurish. You are dedicated to personal mastery in your chosen form of creative expression and will always strive to set yourself apart from the crowd. Your inner strength lies in the faith you have in your abilities and the complete confidence you have in yourself and your self-worth (no matter who may or may not believe in you).


Vesta in the 6th house

When you have Vesta in the sixth house, the career or work you choose to dedicate your life to is of paramount importance. You will never be satisfied doing something just because it makes a lot of money or is considered popular or fashionable. You need to feel as if you are contributing something solid to the world through the work you do, day in and day out. This is not restricted to the career field though. Anything that is considered work also counts, like charitable activities, raising children, and overseeing the proper functioning of a neighborhood or society even if the role is unpaid. Your inner strength lies in whatever role you choose to serve your corner of the world.

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Vesta in the 7th house

When you have Vesta in the seventh house, finding harmony in your environment and the world around you is sacred to your soul. You are not the kind to jump to conclusions or make assumptions at the drop of a hat, but you wish more people were like that too. You believe in engaging with people in a manner that benefits everyone so peace can reign supreme. Your true inner strength lies in recognizing what a person is really like, despite appearances, and choosing whether or not to allow them into your world.


Vesta in the 8th house

Vesta in the eighth house is an odd place for an asteroid that represents virginity. You may find yourself struggling with your sexuality and sexual expression in the early years of life. But once you embrace all parts of yourself and reject the societal taboos that don't make sense (after all, children are born from the sacred act of lovemaking), you can find deep comfort and strength within yourself. Vesta in the eighth house makes you devoted to your internal and psychological well-being. It can truly help a person find the phoenix within.

Vesta in the 9th house

When you have Vesta in the ninth house, educating yourself and understanding the wider world beyond what you know will be of paramount importance to you. You will find comfort in associating with people who are nothing like you so you can have deep conversations that expand your mind. There is a deep-rooted idealism in people who have this placement in their birth chart. But that is the root of their strength too... because how else will you ever change the world if you can't imagine something better that might take its place?

Vesta in the 10th house

When you have Vesta in the tenth house, you are driven to succeed, to make a name for yourself, and leave a legacy behind for future generations so they remember you with pride after you are gone. You will sacrifice a lot to accomplish the most that any one person can, including family ties if the need arises. But it usually doesn't come to that because you are not the kind to hold onto people who would force you to prioritize their goals over yours or who cannot see why your goals and vision for the future are so important. After all, your success won't be benefiting you alone. They will be a part of it too. Some may call you cold-hearted, but your true strength lies in gravitating towards success of all kinds, be it a successful relationship, business partnership, or something else.

Vesta in the 11th house

When you have Vesta in the eleventh house, you are devoted to humanitarian causes and efforts that seek to change the world for the better for everyone. You deal in ideas and what-ifs, but you also possess the capacity to bring those ideas to life and carry everyone into the future. Some people with this placement are sapiosexual and don't feel attracted to anyone romantically if their mind isn't touched first with wonder and awe. You are truly dedicated to bringing utopia to humankind and the world.


Vesta in the 12th house

When you have Vesta in the twelfth house, your fascination with religion and spirituality is beyond what most people would call normal. But what is normal? It's a subjective concept. You would not feel fulfilled unless every aspect of your life is touched by your devotion to the beyond in some way. You may also have innate talents in the arts, like painting, singing, or dancing, that seem to stem from somewhere deep within you that you cannot connect to once you stop. You may get addicted to creating just to be in constant touch with that spiritual core of you. It may seem like an extreme form of devotion to many, demanding many sacrifices from you, but you don't see it that way. And that's where your strength lies. 

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