6 Zodiac Signs Who Have No Problem Calling People Out On Their Bad Behavior

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zodiac signs call people out on their lies

Most of us. no matter our zodiac sign, have a breaking point — that moment where we can simply no longer tolerate whatever it is that's just been dished up for us. I certainly know that, for myself, if I'm confronted with someone's complete and total nonsense, there's just so much I can take before I lose it.

Liars make me mental, and if a person lies to me, not only do they lose my friendship, trust and love in a millisecond, but they get to hear an earful. And when we take astrology into consideration, the zodiac signs who call people out are no strangers to the truth.

While some zodiac signs have an unfortunate reputation for lying and cheating — Libra, for instance — there are others who are very good at calling those people out. Not everyone gets away with it, or if they do, they certainly don't leave without being read the riot act.

Whether it's a serious injustice, or a petty act, beware of who you are talking to — or at — when you deliver your speech. One false move and you will be held accountable.

Here are a few zodiac signs with high standards who can see straight through any lies and manipulation and will call someone out when they try to pull one over on us.

The six zodiac signs who have no problem calling people out on their bad behavior: 

1. Leo 

It would almost be impossible to exclude Leo from this particular list. They are exceptionally outspoken and will definitely go out of their way to make sure you know that if they think you've treated them poorly. You'll never get away with it with Leo.

2. Gemini 

As good at spotting manipulation as they are at calling it out, Gemini can be very direct when it comes to voicing their opinion on what they think is wrong. When Gemini is affronted, they don't hide it.

Mincing words is not the Gemini way, and if you try to pass something shoddy off on them, they have no problem calling you out.

3. Aries

Aries will call you out in one split second. They are not into your song and dance routine, and they certainly know ahead of time if you're lying or not. Don't try to fool Aries; insulting their intelligence will only make things worse.

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4. Virgo

Calling you out is basically Virgo's second job. They live for this kind of thing, and if you provide the example, you will be the martyr who gets to suffer Virgo's payback. And it will be rough, filled with judgement, possibly hate, and definitely disapproval. 

5. Sagittarius

The "honest" zodiac sign of Sagittarius will never tolerate bad behavior, and if you want to know what that looks like, it looks like them walking out of the room while you're ranting. Sagittarius won't waste words calling you out; they'll show you with action.

Lie to a Sagittarius, and you'll have no Sagittarius to lie to anymore. It's that simple. They remove themselves from your equation. 

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6. Taurus

Taurus doesn't waste any of their valuable tiime, and that means they don't have time for people who exhibit bad behavior. They know a lie almost immediately, and they won't try to humor you even for a second by pretending they have fallen for it.  

It takes too much effort on their part to give you the attention you may desperately need. If manipulation is what you do best, keep it far away from Taurus. They're not interested.

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