The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Weekly Horoscopes, April 25 - May 1, 2022

All, "duck and cover."

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It's kind of hard to think that we could have anything BUT a rough week starting on April 24, being that we're surrounded by highly conflicting energy, due to lunar and planetary influences.

Anytime we have transits like Moon square Uranus, Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune, Moon conjunction Saturn AND Moon square Mercury, we can basically know that the week is going to be all about, "duck and cover."


We're also looking at many Pluto transits and as we've come to learn, those always mean dark energy and darker thinking. Not to mention that we have a Pluto retrograde event coming, which should have us all behaving like big, bratty babies before the week is out.

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We are the ones who will be slammed this week, and we certainly won't be taking it 'the right way.' Everything is about to offend us on some level, and our tolerance for all things human will fly out the window.

This is NOT the week to fall in love, nor is it the week to start up a new, happy, positive plan of action. This week begs us to wait it out, have patience, pull back. For some, the hint will work; for others, they'll plunge headlong into the muck and mire that makes up a week that is seriously degraded by Pluto retrograde.

And because the fun never stops, we have several Jupiter transits to pump up the volume on Pluto's hissy fit. That means what sucks now will suck even more if we focus on it. The truth is, what makes this week suck so much We just don't know how to deal with negative energy and it generally brings out the worst in us.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes the week of April 25 to May 1, 2022:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


You'll start the week off with a prize: you are the meanest partner in the world. Your partner will happily deliver this special package to you, and you'll come to know just how annoyed they are with you. As the week progresses, work will start to look like prison to you.

Everything involved looks like it's going underwater, and you know you can't escape, which leads you to searching for ways to have fun. If you can scrape up a couple of friends for at least one good, solid night out, you might be able to deal with this whole negative week a lot better.

That's where the fun ends in earnest, as nobody is available, nor do they feel the same angst as you feel. So, you'll throw up your defenses once again and decide that these friends of yours are just boring and useless.

By the time Pluto retrograde hits, you'll be the person to avoid. You are like a black hole this week; everything that passes in front of you gets sucked into your vortex of judgement.


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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Eek, this seems to be the week where you get caught doing something you shouldn't be doing, Libra. That very well could mean being caught cheating on a partner. Sometimes you take that flirty thing too far.

You act like you're just being nice, but you know what you're doing; you've gotten away with the 'nice' act for the better part of your life, but this time, you'll be rooted out, and what you've called 'being nice' will be called out for what it really is: cheating on your mate and disposing all of your respect for them.

Pluto retrograde does not suit anyone too well, but it's got it's hooks on you, Libra. It's time to pay the piper, and this week looks like it's going to bring out all of your dirty laundry. You may want to rent that private island you always said you would, if you got caught. Well, guess what? You're caught. This is the week. Eyes open!


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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

One would think that all of these Pluto transits would work well with a Scorpio of your magnitude, and yet, with the retrograde at hand, it acts as a detriment to your style.

You're used to going about things in a certain manner; what works for you doesn't necessarily work for others. You like to control the outcome and you resent experiences that remove the control from your hand. That's how this week gets under your skin.

What you plan on, fails, and that's because, no matter how good you think you are at something, there are forces at play that mean to set you back.


What's good is that these setbacks are not serious; your health is in good shape and nothing threatens your love life.

However, what is at stake is your patience and your feelings of nervousness. You don't like feeling overly anxious, but this week is about to supercharge your anxiety levels. Grab yourself an herbal tea and settle in.

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