Pisces Decans: The 3 Different Types Of Pisces Personalities

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While there are officially only 12 zodiac signs in astrology, there are many more factors that go into building your personality. 

For example, though the Pisces zodiac sign dates are February 19 to March 20, not every Pisces you meet is going to be exactly the same. 

While some reason for this is due to different natal chart placements and planetary influences, another reason why is because, according to astrology, there are actually three types of Pisces.

Pisces decans

The Pisces zodiac sign is a water sign ruled by Jupiter.

While traditional Pisces dates are February 19 to March 20, those dates are split into three 10-day periods to form the three different types of Pisceans, or Pisces decans, influenced by the two other water signs Scorpio and Cancer.



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In general, water signs are active, honest, creative, and impulsive. They look forward and outward, and don’t connect easily on the emotional level.

Cancer loves privacy and is fiercely devoted to their family. Scorpio is sensual and mysterious. Pisces is the dreamer, a natural empath. 

Pisces decan 1 (February 19 – February 28)

Artistic, kooky, and convivial, decan 1 Pisces carries a lot of Aquarius’ energy from the previous month but are ultimately the most Pisces decan at the core. They make great visionary leaders, but unfortunately, they don’t have Aquarius’ momentum and follow-through.

Pisces 1 is going to need some help from their more practical friends if they’re going to accomplish anything big. It’s hard for them to “turn off” their idea factories, so they need to find healthy ways to calm their minds or they’re liable to turn to drugs and alcohol.

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Pisces decan 2 (March 1 – March 9)

Every version of Pisces is a natural empath, and Pisces 2, with influence from Cancer and the Moon, has an extra dose of this gift. They might not always consider it a “gift,” though, since it’s hard for them to turn it off.

Imagine being so open that you can’t avoid picking up on others’ feelings wherever you go. It’s exhausting and, what’s worse, they may eventually feel as though they’ve lost their own unique essence and sense of self.

Decan 2 Pisces should practice regular meditation and shielding to keep their mind and aura free of unwanted energy build-up.

Pisces decan 3 (March 10 – March 20)

This is the last segment along the Sun’s path before a new Zodiac year begins. Aries’ eagerness for action is beginning to bleed through, and inspired by Scorpio and Pluto, decan 3 Pisces always seems poised on the brink of something new.

They have a sense of wonder about them, and are more apt to take risks than the other Pisces decans. If things don’t change fast enough for them, they’ll create the changes themselves. 

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