What It Means To Have Your North Node In Cancer

The Lunar Nodes provide a glimpse into your purpose and motivations in life.

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The Lunar Nodes, also called the Nodes of Destiny, provide a glimpse into your direction in life and what ultimately motivates you to reach your goals.

The North Node tells you what you need to do to evolve into a more confident version of yourself. Meanwhile, the South Node represents and also tells a story of your past lives.

The North and South Nodes are linked and sit directly across from each other in the birth chart. Understanding both signs can give you insight into how to understand yourself better.


The zodiac sign your North Node is in will paint a picture of what drives and inspires you. Looking at the house it inhabits further shows how the energy will be channeled. Finally, the aspects it makes to other planets can weave a story that can tell a lot about our current mission in life. 

Cancer North Node / Capricorn South Node dates

  • May 12, 1944 - Dec 3, 1945
  • Dec 24, 1962 - Aug 25, 1964
  • Sep 25, 1981 - Mar 16, 1983
  • Apr 10, 2000 - Oct 13, 2001
  • Nov 7, 2018 - May 5, 2020

North Node in Cancer Traits

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Cancer North Node will have the native focusing on building a solid foundation to further their career goals. There is a balancing act with both placements since Cancer rules the home and Capricorn the career sector.

To succeed in their career realm, learning to be more confident in themselves is essential; it all begins with the strength of their foundation.

There is also a desire to connect with others beyond the superficial level. Establishing fruitful relationships and learning to trust others is important for their emotional development.

Experiencing success also involves becoming more emotionally intelligent. Getting comfortable with themselves, their desires, and their feelings will allow the North Node in this sign to grow.


Capricorn South Node Traits

Capricorn South Node needs to learn to trust others and be more cooperative in group settings. Although they feel competent to do everything on their own, they need to trust their leadership skills to help others come together and to build their network.

The South Node also must understand that work is necessary but so is building the home. To thrive in the corporate setting, they must learn that home comes first.

Building from within, learning from others, and letting others into their world can contribute to their growth and create fruitful and essential relationships.

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Balancing Cancer and Capricorn Nodes

In relationships

Cancer North Node has to learn emotional intelligence and develop it. Their Capricorn South Node makes them fiercely independent but, for them to unleash the potential of their North Node, they have to learn to trust, share their feelings, and love fearlessly.

Opening up their hearts in relationships can be challenging since they can feel fear of rejection, but the more they can do this with the people they care about, the greater the impact of the connection. They need to learn how to create a balance in relationships where they do not consider having the upper hand.

While their South Node will want to establish dominance, they need to learn to trust and show their more vulnerable and emotional side to others.

In career

In their career, the natives with Cancer North Node need to learn to set goals that are not futile or ego-driven.


They need to work as a team and not only be a leader. The commanding and direct nature of the South Node will not enable them to create bonds with their co-workers or their employees. While the Capricorn South Node might be more focused on success and winning, the North Node needs to learn how to involve others to excel.

Being more nurturing and showing more compassion in the workplace while being focused on creating harmony for others will be a great way to have others value and respect them.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.