Mercury In Leo In The Birth Chart

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During transit, Mercury spends roughly three weeks in each zodiac sign, designating it as a personal planet. Personal planets have the most direct influence on our lives, and your Mercury sign directly influences your communication style and thought process.

Natal Mercury in Leo meaning

Natal Mercury in Leo suggests a person whose communication style and thought processing take on Leo traits. The zodiac sign Leo is creative, passionate, generous, and warm-hearted. But, the negative zodiac traits of Leo include stubbornness, arrogance, and self-centeredness. A Leo Mercury sign indicates a person who is fiery, passionate, and bold in their outward expression.

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Dramatic but engaging performances

A little self-centered but loving, Mercury in Leo means dramatic performances for your friends and family. With natal Mercury in Leo, you love making people laugh with your loud and unabashed conversations. You are a little self-aware that some of the language you use is just for show, but you can’t help it, it is just more fun when it is more theatrical!

People are naturally drawn to your easy charisma. Even though you sometimes can make conversations about yourself, people won’t mind, because it is worth it to see you shine. You lead an engaging life, and you are good at expressing it, there is no shame in that!

Taking the lead

Mercury in Leo doesn’t mean you bulldoze over people. When Mercury is in Leo in the birth chart, you will prioritize fair communication: before your own ego, you will always prioritize your own generosity. Even when you get carried away, you are always able to come back to yourself and reach out to your friends, your partner, and your family. Even though your passion can feel overwhelming, people appreciate that you take the time to give that love back.

Fair communication manifests in reaching out, but it also can come from your silence. People find Mercury in Leo natives especially magnetic and comforting because you know the power that comes in an introspective, and healing silence.

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You love to hype people up! On that note, your big personality might make people mistakenly believe you are self-centered, but not only do you prioritize fair communication, you know how to turn your infectious energy outward! You know just what to say to someone to make them feel really good about themselves, and your enthusiasm makes it really hard to doubt whether you are being sincere. You are a leader, and you speak with authority, it is hard to doubt someone that sounds that sure of themselves.

Sensitive to criticism

You may find it really hard to take criticism. If someone talks about your art, your work, or your projects, it better be praise, or else you will not tolerate it. You are stubborn in the face of criticism, due to your sheer overconfidence in your abilities, and in your craft. Intellect and ego become inseparably tied under the Mercury Leo sign. Criticism becomes especially hard, then, because to attack your work not only attacks your pride, you also take it as an attack on your intelligence.

Passionate communication

You talk with heart. That is to say, all this doesn’t change the fact that you feel every action you take. You are an incredibly genuine person, which makes it really hard when people place limits on you. This means Mercury in Leo natives thrive under creative environments because you have now found a place in which your self-expression is the priority. While you live for drama, you hate fakeness. Mercury in the Leo sign means you do not compromise on the truth or yourself, and that is really admirable.

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