How The Astrology Of The 2024 Leap Year Affects Each Zodiac Sign

The astrology of the February 29th 'leap day' includes double Pisces cazimis.

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A leap year occurs every four years on February 29, when an extra day is added to the month of February and the year as a whole. In astrology, there is a sentiment that the rarer a transit occurs, the more impact it will have, which is the same that is true of leap year.

Leap years are known for bringing luck to your life, so it’s common for these years to also represent some of the best or most poignant times of your life. This year, though, astrology collides with the luckiness of leap years to present major opportunities for you to refocus on your life and have a brand-new beginning.


The week of February 29th, both Mercury and Saturn will move into the heart of the Sun in Pisces, forming a cazimi, while the sun and Mercury will be creating a positive sextile to Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. A cazimi represents a new beginning, where the planets involved and the Sun merge their energies, helping you to feel recharged and set to take on the world.



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This is your extra chance to not only become who you have always been meant to be but to have the love, success and life that has been destined for you as well.  

How the astrology of the 2024 leap year affects each zodiac sign's horoscope

Aries: Honoring your soul 

As Mercury, Saturn and the Sun all converge in Pisces there will be a strong influence of you craving a deeper connection with your own soul. This will come through in the intuitive knowing of what you are meant to do, and the motivation to make it happen. By embracing this energy, you can transform your career and even find yourself drawn into a profound romantic connection.  

Jupiter in Taurus will also be highly active on the leap day, bringing in a positive boost to your self-worth which will allow you to trust yourself and your intuition more. Because this area of your life promotes wealth, you also are receiving confirmation that any choices to follow your soul during this time will lead to the abundance you desire as well.  

Taurus: Embracing new and positive relationships 

The double Pisces cazimis of Mercury and Saturn shine a light on the connections you have in your life and represent that you may need to branch out in new directions. With the influence of Piscean energy in this part of your natal chart it’s important to make sure you are truly surrounding yourself with those who uplift and support the life you want to live. Don’t be afraid to cut some people off or reach out to new people, especially if it feels in alignment with your growth.  


Jupiter has been in your zodiac sign since 2023 helping to bring a new sense of expansiveness to your identity and letting you shine your own light of authenticity. As the energies of Pisces and Taurus align on February 29th, you can allow that new sense of authenticity and truth to attract the kind of relationships in your life that will help you accomplish all your dreams.  

Gemini: Dedication to professional achievement 

Saturn first moved into Pisces in March of 2023, and since that time you’ve been reflecting on your professional life with greater depth and purpose. While you may have always been directed to achieving financial success, you’ve also begun to desire to live within your purpose so that you are also contributing to the greater good of the collective. As the Pisces cazimis occur in your career sector, there is a sense of renewal and a new beginning finally taking shape.  

As Jupiter in Taurus plays with the Piscean energy of the cazimi it highlights finally being aware of your soul purpose and giving you the push to start making big moves in your life. Try to trust the universe around Leap Year and be ready to take your own leap of faith in your career, especially if it helps you honor your purpose even more deeply.  

Cancer: Seize each and every new beginning 

The energy of the Pisces cazimis will feel like a breath of fresh air in your life. Pisces represents the area of your natal chart that brings about new beginnings from travel, education, or even your own spiritual journey. But it can even help you find the success and romance you desire too. Nothing is off the table, except staying where you are. You must be ready to embrace the call for newness around this time, sign up for that class you’ve been considering, plan that trip, or say yes to that date you’ve been considering. 


Jupiter in Taurus will be helping you make all your wishes come true as it highlights themes around networking and socialization. It’s time to leave that protective shell behind, and start reentering the world as the new and improved you. Believe that the best moments of life haven’t occurred yet, and that is precisely what you will experience.  

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Leo: Surrendering to personal transformation 

Pisces energy reminds you that change is a necessity of life, but that the goal just isn’t to transform that which is comfortable, but instead to become more of yourself. As the Pisces cazimis take aim at your life, you will be focusing on the changes within yourself, your career, and relationship that will bring about a deeper level of intimacy, truth and belonging. You may have to take some unprecedented risks around this time, but if you approach each situation with complete vulnerability, then you will be able to reap all the rewards.  

Jupiter has been hanging out in your house of career since 2023 bringing about expansion and new opportunities. Now as Jupiter begins to mingle with the Piscean energy of the cazimis, it will bring about a powerful opportunity for you on the leap day. You may find yourself receiving an offer in your career, or even relocating for love. Take what comes, but remember, that it is only a reflection of the inner work you’ve been focusing on within yourself.  


Virgo: Romantic growth and commitment  

Pisces energy is the yin to your yang and helps you feel and live more in balance with your heart. While you might want to plan each moment out, Pisces teaches you to go with the flow in a way that complements your journey. Because of this, it also represents your romantic relationships, which means as the energy of the Pisces cazimis peaks on the leap day, there will be significant opportunities for romantic growth and commitment.  

Jupiter in Taurus has been trying to bring in new opportunities to your life since 2023 by encouraging you to think about what you want, travel as much as you can, and to embrace your inner zest for simply being in the moment. As Jupiter begins to interact with the Pisces cazimis you may find yourself eloping, planning a destination wedding, or even meeting someone new through different opportunities you’ve taken. Make sure that you prioritize the redirections and moments of inspiration from the universe during this time, because you should be confident that its plans will always far outweigh those you’ve made.  

Libra: A call to focus on your well-being  

As much as you’ve been embracing changes in your life and the process of deep healing, it’s now time to refocus on what you need to feel like your best self. The Nodes of Fate will be moving through your zodiac sign and Aries all year providing pivotal moments of growth, so taking the energy of the Pisces cazimi and learning to care for yourself in new ways will give you the strength and clarity to confidently move through anything you encounter in 2024.  

Jupiter will be in Taurus until May of 2024 helping you to expand your horizons and take advantage of opportunities for growth and connection in your life. As the energy of Jupiter merges with the Pisces Cazimis on Leap Year, you will be able to make many of the changes in your life you’ve been seeking. Whether it’s prioritizing your needs, getting back to self-care, or even making an appointment with a counselor, anything that goes into you feeling and being your best will be supported during this time. Remember, even if it may be a cliche, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so take time to refill yours.  


Scorpio: Focusing on creating a life of pure joy  

Pisces energy is the antidote to mediocrity as it helps you pursue what brings you the most happiness and pleasure in your life. This area of your natal chart represents joy, creativity, romance, family, and even marriage. As the Pisces cazimis help to focus your energy here, expect the unexpected. You may become firmer in your boundaries, creating a life based on your needs, or even deepen or build a truly lasting romantic connection.  

While happiness will undoubtedly become your priority during the week of February 29th, Jupiter in Taurus may bring up some unexpected themes of romance. In Taurus, Jupiter has been helping you expand your circle and transform the limiting views you’ve had about relationships, and to be brave enough to take a new chance on love. Now as the energies of Pisces and Taurus come together, you will be focused on putting yourself first, which may very well lead to the romantic relationship of your dreams as well.  

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Sagittarius: Reflecting on your healing and developing strong roots 

Saturn has been in Pisces since March of 2023, helping you to become more serious about your own healing and pushing you to start developing stronger roots in your own life. This may have centered around your inner child healing, as well as how you can show up in a healthier way for those you love. But as you’ve risen to any challenges that have come your way, you are now fully prepared to step into the amazing blessing the universe has in store for you with the Pisces Cazimis on Leap Year.  


The Pisces cazimis will help you make major strides in developing the strong roots your heart has sought after. This can be about purchasing a home or condo, renovating a current living space, or even focusing your energy on having a new beginning within your romantic relationship or family. You have been putting in the work to truly feel like you’re working for yourself, instead of against, so it’s time to trust in yourself and take this lucky leap of fate toward everything you’ve ever wanted.  

Capricorn: Consciously being more transparent and vulnerable 

Piscean energy rules over your house of communication which affects your inner dialogue, the conversations you have with others, and even the agreements that you make. While you may first approach matters with a head full of logic and a dedication to success, Pisces asks that you become more vulnerable and emotional in your process. The double cazimis in this water sign can help you understand that it’s not just about what you are able to accomplish but how you feel within the process. The more that you can begin to validate your emotions, the greater you’ll be able to do for those in your life, which is where the real transformation will occur on Leap Year.  

Jupiter in Taurus will continue to bring in opportunities for greater happiness and romantic commitment through May of 2024, which will be heightened on the leap day with the Pisces cazimis. This energy of joy, commitment and communication could point to a proposal or engagement arising, along with even deeper and more meaningful conversations about your relationship and the future you and your partner are planning for. Remember that while having a goal of success is worthwhile, having a goal of happiness ensures that whatever you succeed at will be worth it.  


Aquarius: An increase in self-worth and finances 

Prepare yourself to embrace all of the opportunities for an increase in your finances as the Pisces cazimis peaks on the leap day. Pisces rules over the area of your natal chart that encourages self-worth, confidence, and wealth. With Mercury and Saturn aligning with the Sun, you are being encouraged to make sure you are advocating for your worth, and taking chances that in your heart you know will pay off in the long run.  

As the Pisces cazimis fuse together with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus, there is a theme around healing above whatever you’ve been told to expect life should be. Decide for yourself what you are worthy of receiving and then be willing to confidently seize it. With Taurus energy being activated, it could center around a positive shift in your relationship, or even in where you call home. Remember that to fully heal means to not question when you finally start receiving what you’ve always desired, because you know you’re finally worth it.  

Pisces: A brand-new beginning in how you interact with the world 

The Pisces cazimis rise in your house of self and help provide you with an opportunity to truly transform how you interact with the world. Pisces energy governs your internal truth, authenticity, and the beliefs that shape the life you create. With the double cazimis occurring in this area of your life, you are being gifted with a new beginning in how you conduct yourself and the decisions that go into creating the life of your dreams.  

Jupiter in Taurus has been activating themes within your communication sector since 2023, encouraging you to expand your life, seize new opportunities, focus on your writing or social media presence, and generally prepare to step into the limelight of success. As the Piscean cazimis merge with Jupiter in Taurus, you may receive a profound moment of growth in your professional life that is a direct result of you no longer hiding your own greatness. Not only does confidence attract success, but it puts you in the very places necessary to step into your highest fate.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.