Heartbreak Ends For 5 Zodiac Signs Now That 6 Major Astrology Placements Are In Aries

Heavy Aries energy gives certain signs a break from heartache.

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The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, asteroid Chiron and the North Node are all in Aries, providing a strong, fiery energy that allows five zodiac signs to rise from the ashes and experience a much-needed break from heartache.

As the North Node and Chiron align together in Aries, these signs are given an opportunity to heal so that they're no longer repeating past patterns. On the heels of the healing alignment of Chiron and the North Node in Aries, Mercury is also in Aries joining the Sun, Venus and moon.


The portal of healing within the Aries energy will be a catalyst for flowing, loving and highly spiritual healing. So, allow yourself to move through any difficulties that may arise so you can enjoy the warm bloom of love, both within yourself and in the healthy relationship you choose to create.  

Heartbreak ends for 5 zodiac signs now that 6 major astrology placements are in Aries



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1. Libra  

There is magic beginning to come to life around you, giving you hope that love really is meant to make you and your life better. 2024 is a year of experiences and transitions for you as the Nodes of Fate move through your zodiac sign and that of Aries, ruler of your romantic relationships. With the South Node in your zodiac sign and the North Node in your house of relationships, you are meant to see that the healing you move through within yourself will directly impact the love you have always searched for. 

While the journey of healing truly never ends, this heavy Aries energy brings an important moment of healing, bringing up a theme from your romantic relationships and likely matters of what you've been trying to implement but haven't been able to because of a lack of clarity. This energy can help you truly see the nature of your choice cycles and how they deeply connect back to your healing.  

The eclipses may bring up important themes from within your subconscious, your intuition and aspects of healing you've already been trying to work with. This may prove to feel like a line is being drawn in the sand of what you will accept in terms of love and what you want. Trust in your healing no matter what may arise, as it will lead to you finally having that relationship you've always wanted.  

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2. Pisces  

You are just coming off the auspicious Aquarius stellium in your sector of healing and intuition, making this Aries energy more of a profound shift. You are in the place to clearly articulate your needs and wants, all from a place of developing healing and self-worth. As scary as it is to truly speak to your partner or prospective love interest about what you need from the connection, you will also see that doing so is imperative in knowing whether someone can meet you in your healing — or not. 

The alignment of the North Node and Chiron in Aries speaks to the healing you've done around your self-worth and what is most important to you in your life and relationships. This may have you coming to a new conclusion around your desires and any dealbreakers, which also may create the space for you to genuinely see what you need in a relationship versus what you may only have been conditioned to want. Feeling worthy of having someone love you in all the ways you desire is the first step to having it, especially as one of the later lessons in healing revolves around the ability to receive.  

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3. Virgo  

You have a breakthrough coming through, and it's all happening in perfect divine timing. You are ready for some positive transformations within your love life, whether you're single or striving to go even deeper with your existing partner. This isn't about reaching the next milestone, like it may have previously been, but instead about continuing to develop the romantic relationship of your dreams from an immense place of gratitude.  


North Node and Chiron in Aries creates an opportunity for healing in your house of intimacy and transformation. You may see your partner, relationship or yourself in a different light, which will help create a stronger soul bond within your connection. Aries in this area of your life means that you must let yourself embrace your passions, take a stand and be bold for love. As you do, so does your partner, which is precisely what will create the connection you desire. When you can see yourself and your partner through the lens of truth, you can then understand how to transform your relationship in the best possible ways.  

Use what arises with the North Node and Chiron alignment to help you understand what changes can be implemented so that you can feel confident in the deep and lasting connection you are creating with your partner. Don't shy away from being more transparent about what you need or are dreaming of when it comes to love. It's all about giving your partner an opportunity to show that they really are the ones who can continue to grow with you throughout all the phases of life — and once you do, you'll also see you may already have all you've dreamed of.

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4. Sagittarius  

One of the largest misconceptions about your zodiac sign is that you avoid commitment, especially in romantic relationships. While freedom is always an important theme for you, there is also an ardent desire to have strong ties and roots within a relationship — the trick is that it just must be the right one. The healthiest romantic commitment is one that should actually allow you to feel freer, letting you explore all that interests you in life, knowing you also always have a space to return to between your travels.


Now, as the cosmos converge in perfect synchronicity, you will finally understand that to fly free, you also need the roots of belonging as well. As the North Node connects with Chiron, it will activate an imperative moment in your relationship as well as your growth. Aries represents your house of commitment, marriage, children and joy. This area will continually develop over this year and will likely result in not only a significant commitment like marriage but also deeper healing to your soul. Pay attention to your feelings and events that arise during this time, as you may suddenly have a moment of epiphany about what you need or the kind of life that will fulfill your life purpose.  

As the healing energy of Aries sweeps through your romantic relationship, you're going to reach a beautiful pinnacle of this journey. Moving in together, becoming engaged, buying a home or expanding your family through children or beloved pets may all be important themes that arise. Trust in your ability to commit, especially when you know in your heart it's to the right person — the person who, more than anything, allows you to be your full self.

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5. Scorpio

Embrace the Aries energy to step into the healthiest version of yourself that you've ever known and be open to receiving the full blessings of the universe. You have been preparing to reintroduce yourself to the world and finally get your chance to see how different life and love can be now that you've healed your ancestral karma. As much as patience may not always be your virtue, you have remained steadfast to only commit to what is healthy for you, and now you stand to receive everything you've ever desired.  


With the North Node and Chiron aligned in Aries, activating themes of your house of health and determination, you are empowered to embrace your higher self and have the boundaries necessary to ensure you don't accept or participate in anything that resembles past wounding or patterns. By choosing to become healthier, you begin to radiate that energy out into the universe, which will help you attract a new partner or new phase in an existing relationship.

Let yourself see that boundaries enable healthy love to grow more fully, as the only thing they keep out of your life are those relationships and individuals who were never meant to join you in your healing.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.