How Compatible You Really Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign Modalities

How do the different astrology modalities match up in relationships?

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The 12 signs in astrology are each divided into three different modalities known as cardinal, fixed and mutable. Each of the three modalities contain a water, fire, earth and air sign. Just as each of the 12 zodiac sign combinations have a different compatibility level, astrology modality compatibility can reveal just how well you might get along with someone on a more general level. 

So how do the different modalities match up in terms of relationships? Let’s take a look at how well the modalities relate to each other.


Astrology modality compatibility for all zodiac elements

Cardinal-cardinal compatibility 

The cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra, are known as the movers and shakers. When energy hits their chart they move and take action quickly. These signs can generally easily make a decision. They are initiators and seldom slack off.


As the leaders and initiators, in terms of compatibility between two cardinal signs, if both have strong personalities they can clash and, in some cases, end up competing with each other. While they can accomplish a great deal working as a team, when they clash, it could be daunting. 

While your opposite sign (Cancer-Capricorn and Libra-Aries) is supposed to be the ideal and opposites can balance each other out, in the long run, the things that once drew you to that individual can end up in conflict since these signs are opposites. If you can overcome any competitive feelings however and find yourselves on the same page more often than not you can be very powerful together and the sky is the limit.

Some of the better zodiac compatibility for cardinal signs include:

  • Aries/Gemini, Aries/Leo, Aries/Sagittarius, Aries/Aquarius
  • Cancer/Taurus, Cancer/Virgo
  • Libra/Gemini, Libra/Leo, Libra/Sagittarius, Libra/Aquarius
  • Capricorn/Taurus, Capricorn/Virgo, Capricorn/Scorpio, Capricorn/Pisces

Fixed-fixed compatibility

The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, move more slowly, think things through deeply and do not like a great deal of change. Steadiness is the key and they are determined, but not especially in a hurry. They have great strength and are reliable and consistent.


Two fixed signs in a relationship are slow to change and can be stubborn on many different levels. When you clash, the problem can take a while to be resolved because you are both so resolute in your opinions. Fixed signs, however, can be among the most stable in the zodiac. Like the story of the tortoise and the hare we all learned about in childhood, the slow-moving tortoise generally wins in the long term. 

If both of you focus your energy on being right all of the time, your conflicts can go on for long periods with no resolution, leading to the relationship's deterioration. If you can reach a place of being open-minded to each other’s ideas you can do a lot together and be among the most stable couples in the zodiac

Some of the better zodiac compatibility for fixed signs include:

  • Taurus/Cancer, Taurus/Virgo, Taurus/Capricorn, Taurus/Pisces
  • Leo/Gemini, Leo/Libra, Leo/Aries, Leo/Sagittarius
  • Scorpio/Virgo, Scorpio/Capricorn
  • Aquarius/Aries, Aquarius/Gemini, Aquarius/Libra, Aquarius/Sagittarius

Mutable-mutable compatibility

The mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, are flexible and tend to go with the flow, so-to-speak. They are versatile individuals who find change easy. They are resourceful and able to bounce back when they have to and shift their views as information changes.


Mutable signs are the most flexible and adaptable in the zodiac. You can be so changeable, however, that you may find it hard at times to find solid direction. Mutable signs are generally laid back as a rule and don’t like pressure. 

It can also be difficult for two mutable signs to commit. If you can ever get on the same page in terms of reaching a commitment as opposed to always keeping your options open, you will have plenty in common and this can work out. Someone, however, has to take charge in certain situations and make decisions when necessary. If you can share this role you can be successful.

Some of the better zodiac compatibility for mutable signs include:

  • Gemini/Aries, Gemini/Leo, Gemini/Libra, Gemini/Aquarius
  • Virgo/Taurus, Virgo/cancer, Virgo/Scorpio, Virgo/Capricorn
  • Sagittarius/Aries, Sagittarius/Leo, Sagittarius/Libra, Sagittarius/Aquarius
  • Pisces/Taurus, Pisces/Capricorn

Cardinal-fixed compatibility

Cardinal signs like to take the lead and while fixed signs are not incapable of leading, this can cause a clash if the two can’t give and take when it comes to making major decisions. The cardinal sign must respect the fixed sign’s autonomy and vice versa. Cardinal signs can provide fixed signs with fresh perspective and fixed signs can give cardinal signs more determination and stability.


Cardinal-mutable compatibility

Cardinal and mutable signs can get on well together since cardinal signs can help mutable signs acknowledge and take charge of their goals, dreams and aspirations, inspiring mutable signs. A mutable sign can help the cardinal sign be more open-minded and try different things. They can also help the cardinal sign relax more because they are generally very focused on their goals. The cardinal sign can learn to have more fun from the mutable, and the mutable can learn leadership and focus from the Cardinal.

Fixed-mutable compatibility

Fixed and mutable signs can sometimes clash because fixed signs are so determined when they have a goal or idea and mutable signs are subject to a great deal of changeability. This combination can work, however, if the mutable sign respects the persistence and determination of the fixed sign and if the fixed sign can come to understand and appreciate the fact that a mutable sign generally changes direction based on new information. Both must respect the autonomy of the other. 

In the end, however, there is much more that astrologers look at besides the modalities in determining compatibility.

While modalities can be important in terms of compatibility, the more planets of the same modality in the chart increase the energy of that particular modality which can clash or blend with the partner depending on the synastry. 

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The entire chart must be taken into consideration and all of the aspects the couple have together in synastry. The more compatible the aspects are, especially involving the sun, moon, Mercury Venus and Mars in particular, the greater the compatibility.

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