5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve While Venus Is In Aries Until April 29

Let the reality of your relationship become better than any fantasy.

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With Venus, the planet of love, transiting through fiery and confident Aries, five zodiac signs will see their relationships improve.

Venus in Aries makes us courageous and direct, encouraging you to voice how you feel in order to prompt the improvements your relationship so desperately deserves. This transit inspires you to picture the relationship you dream of as more of a possibility and framework for what you create rather than just a simple fantasy. By embracing your desires for love and the confidence that Aries is famous for, you can step into one of the most auspicious times for relationships.  


Focus on how you genuinely want to show up for your partner as you allow yourself to share your needs for quality time and the acts of love that validate your connection while simultaneously filling up your heart. You can't go too far in the name of love with Venus in Aries, though you do need to make sure that you are following your heart toward what you really want. You're encouraged to have meaningful conversations, ask for help and be more vulnerable with your partner in asking for what you want.



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This is the part of your story that you do get to write, which means there are no rules or barriers to achieving what you desire, but only trusting that the more you honor your dreams for love — the more likely you will be able to make them into the reality you live.  

5 zodiac signs whose relationships drastically improve while Venus is in Aries until April 29

1. Virgo

As much as it's important to be grounded in terms of love, you also need to let yourself leave logic behind and follow your heart if that is what you are being urged to do. As an earth sign, you tend to look at love in more pragmatic terms or look to a list of milestones that you are achieving to feel confident in your relationship. Now it's time to do the work to make every wish your heart has ever made come true. Showing up for your partner becomes the priority now, as does needing that reciprocated from them. If it's a new connection or something that you've begun dating, you will truly be looking for that once-in-a-lifetime type of feeling.

While Venus in Aries may inspire some impulsiveness, that doesn't mean that you need to make foolish decisions. If your heart is tugging you in a particular direction, then you are being urged to listen. If something in your professional life has been preventing you from embracing your inner romance or desires, try telling your partner this week about how you've been feeling. As much as you are used to being the caretaker for others, don't be afraid to ask for help from them. When you can be honest about everything you're going through, even if it's outside of the relationship, you also create more space for your partner to show up for you. 

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2. Sagittarius  

Whether you are living together already or just sharing space occasionally, this energy helps you to really delve deeper into what it means to share a life with your partner with a great deal of love and understanding. Your focus now is on creating more opportunities for love with your partner. You will be placing a higher priority on your time together rather than any other social events, which will help you feel more like the relationship you have is also the one you've always dreamed of.  

While this year is set to bring about deeper commitment, you may also be focusing your energy on relocating or purchasing a home, which is part of your continuing to grow your connection. There may be some important conversations around these themes, which can help you not just find love in the moment but also know you are creating the foundation for it to continue to bloom in the future. Leave the past behind and invest all your energy in the love and life you want to create because you are on the brink of receiving everything you've always desired.

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3. Scorpio  

As you've left behind the deeply transformative phase of moving through the Nodes of Fate in Scorpio and Taurus at the end of 2023, romance has felt a bit slow. You know what you want now and, more so, what you deserve. You haven't quite been sure how to go about creating or attracting it — all of this changes as you become a magnet for what you most want. This Venus in Aries energy will help you become more decisive about what you will accept versus what you won't. It's okay to date for a purpose. Whether you want to say 'I do' or just create a happy life together, knowing and validating your purpose for a relationship is essential to being able to create it.


If you are currently single, this will be an opportune time to meet someone. Be open to partners that may not have first looked like your type, as those are often the hidden gems providing you with what you didn't know you needed. If you're already in a connection, though, expect nothing but declarations of love and new horizons in your relationship. This is truly an incredible time for love and will help you realize that any slowness you may have felt was only the universe preparing you for what has always been destined for you.

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4. Leo  

It may be that the love you've been looking for has been around you this whole time, disguised as a friend you weren't yet ready to see as more. But as Venus works its magic, you may just finally be ready to give a chance to someone who already has a place in your heart. You're more open to change and to the deep connection that you long for, which may be just the thing needed to take an existing friendship to a new level. You may also find that a friend of yours may be the one to introduce you to someone new or provide some pivotal advice in advancing a current relationship.

The theme here is to be open to what arrives, especially if it's coming from someone that you care about and whose thoughts and guidance you value. Although a relationship is only between two people, you still need your sounding board to help you understand yourself and the situation better. By embracing the balance between change, intimacy, and the benefits of your friends, you'll be able to see that the love you dream of was closer than you first thought.


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5. Aquarius  

When you know it's right, the only answer becomes 'yes.' Regardless of what else there is to figure out or the complications that life often puts in place, you know in your heart that where you are is precisely where you are meant to be, and because of that, you say yes to love. This may come as an engagement or other form of commitment in an existing relationship or the offer for a date in a new connection. The love that is arriving for you this week is deeply connected to your self-work in knowing what you deserve and trusting that because of that, you will inevitably receive it.  

Try to really hone in on what you deserve from your partner by embracing the boundaries so you only accept what it is you're worth. Try not to overthink things too deeply this week and trust that by already having done your work, the only thing left to do is simply enjoy the love that surrounds you.  


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