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About Deborah Bishop

I work with highly ambitious and driven female professionals, (from entrepreneurs to coaches, healing arts practitioners to speakers, authors to experts) who are BEYOND ready to take the leap, ignite their vision and monetize their brilliance.

I Am Deborah Bishop, your Inner Image Authority, because you’ll never outperform your own self-image, and Keynote Performer.

I not only get it, I’ve been there and done that too!  I understand how is feels to be called from deep inside and to confuse the concept of being of service, living in your brilliance, to be connected with this idea of self sacrifice, in fact I lived by that creed for years. 

One day I woke up and realized I was making less then twelve thousand dollars a year!  Was I doing what I love?  YES, but at that rate, I couldn’t afford to keep doing it!  I was faced with a life changing decision.  Either, I had to do something radically different and change my current status as an entrepreneur, or… I had to go out and get a job. 

Truth – I couldn’t bear the idea of working for someone else, so my only choice was to do something radically different and that’s when I found it.  The secret that had been stopping me my whole life, that power of my inner game, desperation took me there, and now I’m here to save you that pain!

What I know:

  • The deeper your calling that greater the profits.
  • Courage is required to attain greatness.
  • If you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.
  • Self-sacrifice and self-sabotage are related and must be stopped.
  • Your net-worth will never outperform your self-worth.
  • Your inner image is reflected in everything around you.
  • It’s not enough to want it, you must be will to do things differently.
  • You can have everything.  (I’m serious.)
  • Today I live a very different life, but I see so many of my talented, powerful sisters, struggling.  Giving away their gifts, bartering their brilliance and trying to pay their bills.  And I know, it’s not just about me having an incredible life it’s about them – you – understanding that this is not about being of service and sacrificing yourself, it’s ok for your to make a lot of money while you are serving and delivering your gifts.  I want to help you do that.

    Me:  From starving artist to six figures. I started on stage at 4, got chewed up and spat out by the industry, more then once!  Went from less then $12,000 a year to over $360K in 18 months. 

    You:  A pioneer who dares to believe in something greater then what you currently have.  Self-Responsible, not looking to be rescued, ready to apply yourself and apply what I give you so you can have the success you dream about, (but may not believe is possible). 

    My Moto:  Where you are today, is merely your starting line.

    My Mantra:  I love, forgive and accept myself exactly as I am.

    My Promise:  I’ve got your back- let’s get your future.

    My Advice:  Stop wasting time and start making money.  

    Whether starting up, starting over or stuck on a plateau, your time is now, you don't have to settle.  Unless you choose too! 

    Your life is waiting. 

    Let’s Chat.


    Career Highlights

    To date, I’ve helped hundreds of individual’s breakthrough to places they never even thought possible.  Monetize their passions and excel.

    After the A & R department of a major record label was fired, taking my most amazing record deal with it, I fired my manager, my agent and recorded my own album that won the Best Independent Americana Album, (LAMA) award of the year.  Just recently, I shared the stage with Christian Music Legend, Phil Keaggy and my songs have traveled around the world on various compilations supporting projects I believe in.

    Without spending one dime on advertising, and in the home of my business partner, we built a “Live Interactive Entertainment Company” that was profitable it’s first week, and we went on to work with the likes of Disney Entertainment, CBS Studios, Mattel, Ritz Carlton Corporation as well as fortune 100 / 500 companies and various celebrities, while also being paid travel to places like Hawaii, Greece and Paris!

    I was a noted Talk Show Host, both Talk Radio and Television and my show “Global Light-wave Your Wake-up Call” was the very first live call in show, on the now defunct Nightingale Conant Radio Network.  Nightingale Conant features such personal development leads as Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Napoleon Hill.

    I've been interviewed and featured on "The Learning Channel" regarding my work in the fields of energy, healing and psychic abilities.  

    Have spoken and performed internationally to standing ovations and have a critically acclaimed one-woman show.


    Keynote Performer / Speaker

    I have had the privilege of speaking to many audiences and welcome the chance to speak for you.  Please email me and request my speaker sheet and booking information.   BookDeborahBishop@gmail.com

    My topics include:

    The Secret to Opening Doors – And have a wholly profitable life.

    Raising 7-figure Consciousness – Where the wealth really begins.

    Authentic Communication – Ask and get what you want.

    I also offer a series of talks designed around trusting your intuition and higher self guidance, not appropriate for ever situation, or person, but powerful none the less.  

    My One-Woman-Show “Worthy” is an ideal conference opener, or closer, or it can provide an evening of inspiring entertainment, and transformation.  

    Please email me for any further information.  BookDeborahBishop@gmail.com

    Connect with me and I will do a complimentary “Discover What’s Stopping You” session a $500 value. 

    Let’s Chat.

    Watch Deborah's Show "Your Deliberate Minute" on Facebook Monday through Friday, also the "Weekly Energetic Forecast".  





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