This It What It REALLY Means To Know Your Own Worth

If you were to write a list of things in your life you consider valuable, what would they be?

What it Really Means To Know Your Worth weheartit

What is it in your own world you hold most dear?

Perhaps some family heirlooms? Some china and crystal? Maybe it’s your investments, the property you own or some other such thing? 

What about worthy — what is worthy in your life?  

Ever thought about it? What does something, or someone, have to do or be to be considered worthy by you?  

And now the most important question …

Where are you on the list? Do you know your worth?


If you are a human being, living in this day and age, you probably weren’t on the list. If you are truly self-reflective, maybe you fell close to the bottom, but at least you were there somewhere.

Most of us do not rate on the value and worthy scale, because most of us believe we are neither valuable nor worthy! 

Please don’t worry. This is far more common then not. In fact this is an epidemic.

It starts when we are much too young to even understand what value and worth are. Before we can even begin to make a conscious choice to be any part of these things, life happens to us.

I call this the "foundational lie."


When something happens that feels wrong, or to make use feel unsafe, our fight-or-flight impulse kicks in, and we immediately ask ourselves, “What did I do wrong?,” followed by, “What do I need to do differently?,” followed by "What have I learned from this about life?" 

We believe we need to accept blame for, understand and then fix things in order to feel safe again.

I’ve just broken down for you a tiny piece of a breakthrough methodology I work within that is a very deep dive into the root of all resistance living in every one of us — and that has most, if not all, of us running around believing we are unworthy and placing value on everyone and everything else above our own.


It's what leads to unhappy relationships, health issues, money issues, and dreams that are never allowed to see the light of day. And the most self-defeating part of all of this is that this belief system has become hard-wired into our brains!

If you look, you will recognize this at play in your life within the patterns, habits and dysfunctional behaviors and relationships that do not serve you. It lives inside of your fears, and it will stop you from doing things you really want to do. In fact, it will direct you to always make the same choices, because it serves only one thing — your survival.

The problem with survival is that is literally means you are living, breathing, and that’s about it! How many people do you know who are surviving and unhappy in their lives, but seemingly unable to do anything about it. 

They shop. They over-achieve. They under-achieve. They over-eat. They drink or do drugs. Or they go from one relationship to the next, from one job or business to the next, and so on.


I’m not addressing this to bring you down. I promise, that is not my intention.

My intention is to wake you up — to stir you up — and to tell you there is actually nothing wrong. 

And most importantly, that there is nothing wrong with you


It is possible to move past the "foundational lie" and reconstruct belief systems that will allow you to grow and go as far as you dare ... and to have an absolutely incredible life on every level.

Will it take some work? Yes, no getting around that. But will it be worth it?

Only you can answer that, but I can share with you what I’ve seen happen for hundreds of folks I’ve had the privilege to take through my breakthrough process and come out the other side, fully owning their value and worth.

And that is a full on, 150% hell yeah!

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