Strong Women Believe They Are Worthy Of EVERYTHING They Want

It's time to stop stopping yourself.

Stop Asking 'What’s Wrong With Me' And Believe In Yourself unsplash 

As someone who mentors struggling, mission-driven professionals, I've heard it all — or at least I think I have!

I've heard every reason something isn’t working in the present and every excuse as to why something new won't work in the future.

I’ve listened to countless intelligent, creative, and passionate men and women who have shared their personal vision with me. These individuals have already devoted time, energy, and money to something they believe in, and they wake up every day trying to make that vision work.


The question they all seem to have in common is this:

“Why isn’t it working? What’s wrong with me?”

The pain of this question is illustrated by the question itself. The mere fact that the question arises in your mind is dependent on you believing that there really is something wrong with you.


And if you actually believe something is wrong with you, then you are right!

Whoops! Did I just say there's something wrong with you?

No, I didn’t.

I said that if you believe something is wrong with you, then you are right.

There's a big difference, and an important distinction, between these two statements, which brings us to the topic of how your beliefs affect your self-esteem.

That, my darling is a deep topic.

Your beliefs began to form before you even knew what the word "belief" meant, and those foundational beliefs from your early childhood are the ones that get you in the most trouble. These limiting beliefs allow you to play small, stay away from risk, keep your heart safe, and settle for less than what you truly desire — because you don't believe that what you desire is possible.


Such beliefs are reinforced by almost everyone around you because they have the exact same fears, concerns, and ideas as you do.

They, too, ask the question: “What is wrong with me?”

Ironically, the only thing wrong with any of my clients has been their belief systems.

Funny right?

Not really, because they have denied themselves access to a big, bright, and magical world for a very long time.

Luckily when they come to understand that the only thing wrong is the beliefs they keep laying down as roadblocks in front of themselves, they grant themselves entry to this incredible place where literally anything is possible.


Ok, for all of you out there who want to debate that fact, perhaps there are some parameters on the whole "anything is possible" statement, but somehow, in my heart, I just don’t believe it. Just because something hasn't been done before that does NOT mean it can’t happen eventually.

Imagine the crazy looks the first person to bottle water must have gotten. Or the tenacity it took to invent the light bulb. Imagine if Shakespeare had never written a word because he let his beliefs about what he could write stand in his way. Imagine if the world revolved around those who never reached for the unfathomable.

Where would we be?

By your mere existence on this planet, you are worthy of greatness.


Note that I didn't say entitled. I said worthy.

It takes time and working to change your self-esteem. It takes deep dives into the core of those very things that stop you, along with your willingness to look into the shadows and not just the light.

But you DO have it in you.

The only thing that could ever be wrong with you would be if you took all that which is within you — your magnificence, your brilliance, and your gifts — untouched and unexpressed to your grave.

Live your life full-out.

Instead of asking "What's wrong with me?" ask yourself:


“Am I living to die or am I dying to live?”

Then give yourself permission to consider one more simple question:

“What if there is NOTHING wrong with you? What then …?"

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