Women With These 10 Names Are Most Likely To Give Birth In 2024

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It never fails: You’re at a wedding and someone niggles an ancient finger into your arm and says, “You’re next!” — even though you didn’t line up to try and catch the bouquet. Or you’re already in a relationship or are married, and everyone around you seems to be popping out kids.

Friends and family members may start asking when you’re going to have a baby, or even suggesting that you and your significant other get started trying very soon.

It sometimes seems like when one friend catches “baby fever” that at least two or three others soon follow, right? But it’s hard to predict who will get pregnant unless they come right out and admit that they’re giving the old parenthood thing a go.

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But while getting pregnant occasionally feels like a raffle, there are some unscientific ways you can have fun trying to predict who among your friends will be having baby in the upcoming year.

Which women are the mostly like to get pregnant in 2024?

According to the opinion of some smart people, the easiest way to figure out who will wind up getting pregnant with their first child in the next is by looking at the current average age of new mothers, and then looking back to see the most popular names given to girls born in what was the related birth year.

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To explain further, as of 2021, data collected by the Centers for Disease Control states the mean age at which women in the U.S. give birth is now 27.3.

So, given that women who will turn 27 in 2024 were born in 1997, we can look to see what the most popular names were for girls born in that year in the U.S. to see which names are most likely to belong to next year's new moms.

Without further ado, the women in your life who are most likely to end up pregnant soon and having a baby in 2024 are:

  • Emily
  • Jessica
  • Ashley
  • Sarah
  • Hannah
  • Samantha
  • Taylor
  • Alexis
  • Elizabeth
  • Madison

If you know any women with one of these names (or if you are one of these women) and you’re around the ages of 26 to 27, then there’s a good chance that you may end up with your own little bundle of joy before the next year ends (or even early on next year)!



Good luck!

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