Woman Admits That She Gets Pregnant Every Year Just To Avoid Getting Her Period

She won’t have to go through packs of feminine products anytime soon.

Chantel Schnider, husband Aaron Alexander, their two children in kitchen @thealexanderfamilyy / TikTok via Canva

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again, because there’s one mom on TikTok that might just raise you one. And maybe another... and another. 

A woman claims that she gets pregnant every year to avoid getting her period.

Mom influencer Chantel Schnider recently uploaded a video revealing her “hack” to avoid getting her menstrual cycle, and that’s by simply getting pregnant. 

“When he gets you pregnant every year so you don’t have to deal with a period,” Schnider captions the short clip, which has garnered over 4.5 million views on TikTok.


Currently, the Canadian mother of two is on her way to bring her third child into the world. Though, it’s unlikely that this will be the end of her pregnancy journey since she claims to want roughly 10 children before calling it quits!



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Posting to the “Alexander Family” TikTok account — featuring Schnider and her baby bump, her husband, and their two children — the family regularly uploads day-in-the-life snippets, which include the fun and the not-so-fun parts about pregnancy, parenthood, and the like. 

The woman’s unconventional approach earned a series of mixed opinions.

Contrary to the popular (and outdated) belief, not all women strive to become wives, let alone mothers. In many cases, some will take measures to ensure that a pregnancy and a period are the last things one has to worry about.

Schnider rejoices in being pregnant and not having to deal with a period while dancing with her husband and kids. Photo: @thealexanderfamilyy / TikTok


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One person wrote, “I had a hysterectomy no period, period.”

“I’d much rather deal with 7 days of a painless annoyance than 9 months of pain and suffering. But to each their own," said another.

In a third comment, one user commended the mommy influencer for her bravery as a mother of three and counting: “More power to you, I only could handle one baby.” Under the comment, Schnider replied, “No more power to me, power to the both of us! The same power! Being a mom is hard. You’re doing amazing.”

Replying to a separate comment, Schnider mentioned that she already has plans for yet another baby following the one currently due in the near future. In other words, it’s safe to say that she won’t have to go through packs of feminine products any time soon.


Is there a risk to having too many children?

Everyone has their own perception of what the “ideal” family looks like. For the Alexanders, having as many children as you can count on both hands seems to be the best way to go, but at what cost?

As it turns out, constantly having children can be incredibly life-threatening for mothers, especially for those who don’t allow themselves time to recover between pregnancies. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, “The number of children a woman bears in her life affects her health significantly. In every country and every social class risks associated with childbirth increase as the number of children passes 3 or 4.” 

Along these lines, some experts claim that back-to-back pregnancies demand a lot from the human body and can increase the risk of “maternal depletion syndrome."


Also known as “postnatal depletion,” this condition occurs when mothers are unable to fully recover their body’s nutrients after giving them up during pregnancy to support the growth of their child.

Overall, it's important to note that certain lifestyle choices can come at the cost of one's health. Of course, all bodies are different and not everyone experiences health complications after multiple childbirths. 

Luckily for Schnider and her soon-to-be family of five, they seem to be doing just fine.


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