This Is What Pregnancy Looks And Feels Like, As Told By Dr. Seuss

Photo: WeHeartIt
Dr. Seuss

The hilarious folks at have come up with their own explanation of pregnancy using drawings reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. The drawing are less of a copy and more of a homage.

You can see how carefully they tried to mimic the style and tone of Dr. Seuss by telling us everything we need to know about having a baby:

1. What is a womb?

2. How will you know when it's time to give birth?

3. Pregnancy isn't all flowers and that new baby smell.

4. The most important lesson of all ...

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A cautionary tale this is meant to be, but see for yourself — don't only trust me.

Now if only 9gag could tell us about some other life-changing events in our lives such as death, taxes, raising children, and healing a broken heart.