What It Feels Like When You Finally Meet Your Soulmate

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What It Feels Like When You Finally Meet Your Soulmate

It feels so different than you'd expect!

Just the word "soulmate" can conjure up the most grandiose fantasies about what it feels like to meet your soulmate, like:

Passionate, rain-soaked making out with tears streaming down your cheeks because you're unjustly torn apart by the harsh realities of life even though you're destined for each other.

A young boy hopelessly loves a doe-eyed, long locked girl since the first time he set eyes on her and they become the best of friends, come of age together, and are then cruelly drawn apart to later reunite after 20 years knowing they have never loved anyone but each other.

Or let's not forget...The idea that you have one twin soul in the entire Universe and encountering them in this lifetime on this little planet of 7.6 billion souls is as likely as finding one special grain of sand on a beach.

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If any of those heart-wrenching and hopeless soulmate cliches are to be believed, surely they will dampen anybody's dream of finding happiness in love.

But here are the surprising truths about what happens when you meet your soulmate that aren't over the top romantic that nobody tells you about:

1. It feels lovingly ordinary. Very pleasantly, lovingly ordinary.

Because your inner qualities and values are so well aligned, you feel totally relaxed in his presence and in your relationship.

A vast majority of the time you are completely at ease with each other. Though you're excited to see him you're never nervous about what he thinks about you or overly trying to impress him.

2. You don't need him. Actually, you can survive just fine without him.

You're a grown woman who can take care of yourself, so when you're with your soulmate, you better believe it's because you just want to be with him.

It's 100 percent your free will and not out of some unconscious, unmet need from childhood you're trying to fulfill either. You love him because you love loving him.

3. It's not just about the intimacy (though that's a whole lot of fun together, too).

When you see each other there's so much that you want to do and say together that you actually hold off on jumping into bed pretty easily. And when you do have intimacy, it's more like the icing on the cake — not the whole cake.

4. You want to make him happy but not for the reasons you think.

His happiness is a priority for you and yours is for him. And not because you need him to be happy so you get something that you want or to get some kind of approval. It simply fills you with joy to see him full of joy.

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5. Everyday, run-of-the-mill life is enjoyable with your soulmate partner.

Yes, the wild dates and late nights are great when your relationship is new and you're both still getting to know each other. But with your soulmate, it doesn't have to be glamorous all of the time in order to be fun.

The sometimes mundane daily activities of life — like picking up the cleaning, visiting a family member at home, sitting at a cafe together, and even chillin' out on the couch with Netflix — has a sense of adventure and purpose breathed into it when you're with your soulmate love.

6. You're very content with him.

Not the high as a kite, new love drunk kind of happiness that withers in a short amount of time. You're content in a way that's long lasting because you complement and support each other in all that you do.

7. You empower each other.

As a strong and independent woman, there is so much more to your life than just your relationship and there always has been.

However, your partnership with your soulmate is an additional source of empowerment that continues to help you grow and fulfill your greater life purpose.

So that's it? No pouring rain? No twin souls meeting across the vast Universe? Yep.

Just every day, non-Hollywood reality about what it's really like being with your soulmate.

May these simple truths about being with your soulmate be inspirational and fill you with hope, excitement, and anticipation for finding your ultimate relationship.

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Dina Robison is a soulmate attraction coach and creator of deliberate attraction online courses. Get her free video lesson The 6 Practices of Women Who Find Their Soulmate here.