17 Weird-But-True Things Women Actually Do In The Bathroom

Here's what girls really do when they go to the bathroom.

Last updated on Sep 11, 2023

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By Macy Williams

Let's get real, girls. When we excuse ourselves to the Ladies' Room, it's not because we actually have to use the restroom. There are way more important things to do. We have to make sure we look good, and that we're not as drunk as we feel.

And maybe if we're bored, we'll try to recite some of our favorite Friends dialogue in the mirror. It's an adventure all in itself. Here's what's actually going on behind closed doors.


Here are 17 weird-but-true things women actually do in the bathroom:

1. Complimenting strangers

Looking for a confidence booster? Just walk into a girls' restroom. Those girls will tell you how beautiful you are and how much your new man doesn't deserve you.


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2. Picking a wedgie

A necessary evil. We need our outfits to look good and feel comfortable.

3. Eating your secret purse snacks

Every girl has them. Bar food gets expensive, and sometimes you just want some Cheez-Its.

4. Reapplying lipstick

It's a hazard to mankind if you put it on without a mirror. Lipstick is our battle cry.

5. Adjusting your breasts 

Either for more or less cleavage. Usually more.

6. Flossing

Because whoever you're with was too dumb to tell you that there's lettuce in your teeth and that when you smiled at that cute guy, he totally saw it.

7. Questioning your outfit choice

And making the proper alterations, but there's only so much you can do in a bar bathroom.


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8. Stretching

You must prepare for wherever the night takes you, and that might include a light jog. Always be prepared.

9. Giving yourself a pep talk

Sometimes, the only person who can pump you up is yourself. You have to be the one to tell yourself that you're the prettiest girl there.

10. Taking a nap

Seriously, that's a thing that happens. You need to recharge before dancing to more Pitbull songs.

11. Hugging it out

Sometimes, you need to have a bestie powwow when things are going wrong, makeups in a bathroom are one of the best things about going out with your friends.

12. Stealing toilet paper

It's free, and you don't get paid for another week.


13. Practicing your dance moves

You want to make sure you look good before you go seduce someone on the dance floor, and that you can actually move in the new jeans you bought.

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14. Getting into a fight

OK, you're probably watching a fight from inside the bathroom stall, but it still feels dangerous.

15. Texting

Obviously, what else would you be doing?


16. Crying

So. Much. Crying.

17. Gossiping

The bathroom is a talking mecca.

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Macy Williams is a freelance writer, former content director, and editorial director.