16 Unusual Male Body Parts Women Love — Just The Way They Are

The little things women notice and appreciate about the male. body.

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Different women find different things sexy about the opposite gender — and it's not always as straightforward as a "nice body" or "tall, dark, and handsome."

We polled ladies on the Internet to see what unusual physical attributes about a man get their hearts pumping and their cheeks blushing. Here's what they said.

Here are 16 unusual male body parts women love — just the way they are:

1. Your teeth

"I love guys with crooked teeth especially ones who smile a lot! So many people have had their teeth straightened, capped, and whitened to the point where they look completely unreal. Their smiles have lost all uniqueness. I think smiling with a mouth full of crooked teeth exudes confidence, and that's just downright sexy." 


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2. Your forearms

"I love forearms with a lot of veins popping out. I don't need a lot of muscle ... Just those throbbing little veins."

"So I'm not the only one who has a thing for forearms? Nice. My forearm fascination dates back to my days of crushing on volleyball players in high school. (I played volleyball too.) Volleyball players have crazily developed forearms because of spiking, serving, etc. So sexy!" 

3. Your hands

"I like strong, sturdy hands on a man, the kind that looks like they'd know what to do with a hammer and nail. I love feeling like I'm with someone who can take control of any situation, and has the strength and ability to back up their words."


"When I'm on a date, I look at a guy's hands. If they're small and skinny, it's an automatic turn-off. If I can't imagine them grabbing my hair with those hands and kissing me ... can't do it. And yes, I sometimes imagine a wedding ring on their left hand if I'm really into them."

4. Your ears

"Clean ears. I cannot handle dirty ears. I don't care how strong his hands are, I will run from a man with nasty ears."

"I once dated this guy who had really good ears. I know that's such a weird observation but it made me want to whisper things to him all the time just to get close to them..."

5. Your chest hair

“My boyfriend's chest hair is cozy and soft. It's like a pillow and my head fits perfectly there when I need a nap, and his burl catches some of my drool. And when he wears a deep-V and some of his chest hair show = SO HOT. I can't with these smooth-chested pretty boys. I'm into men's men. (And naps, if you can't tell.)”


"I might be in the minority, but I like manly men with body hair. Not like werewolf status but no waxed backs, please!"

"His body hair. I go crazy for dark hair on a man's hands and arms, especially. And gawd forbid they have a long-sleeved shirt on with the sleeves rolled up. I may or may not have attempted to jump an arm once or thrice in my life."



6. The combination of blue eyes and dark hair

"Think Robbie Williams. There's something about the contrast between light eyes and dark hair that gets me going. It's a type of perfection that God has clearly bestowed upon only the finest of male species."


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7. Your jawline

"Give me a chiseled jawline or give me death. It evokes a Greek statue and who can argue with that comparison?"

"I love profiles! The first time I saw my husband, he was in profile and I was like, "Who is that?!"

8. Your "V"

"The divot between hip bone and belly that slopes down into the nether regions = yum."

9. The nape of your neck

"The nape of the neck. Beautiful: a cleaned-up hairline back there and a lovely shape. Awful: Nasty hairline and, well, a hot mess of shape."

10. Your freckles

"A series of freckles (not overly freckled) or birthmark, etc. that's subtle enough I can be the one to get to know it intimately."


11. Your soft package

"Though I have to be on intimate terms already, I am the odd woman who finds the package — even in its relaxed state — to be a turn-on, though it has to be well-proportioned and (sorry, guys) impressive in its promise."

12. Your muscular back

"Defined shoulders and those dimples above the butt are a delicious plus."

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13. Your chubbiness

"I have a thing for chubby guys. I don't know why, but I love a man with a little extra meat on his bones! Maybe because then I don't have to worry about having a little more on me either?"


14. The lines around your eyes

"Like the Lucinda Williams song."

"Smile/laugh lines. Seeing those eye crinkles and curves at the side of the mouth means this guy gets that life is best with laughs."

15. Your nails

"Not manicured nails by any stretch but no straggly cuticles or jagged nails, just clean and well kept!"

16. Your calf muscles

"Having strong, but slim, defined calf muscles — yes, I know this is really weird — but it's sexy and tells a lot about a guy's fitness style or sports they play." 

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Andrea Zimmerman is the deputy editor for YourTango.