The Unsexy Truth About What Women Really Think Of Your Body Hair

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man with exposed hairy chest

If you're the guy who's been obsessing over your body hair or lack thereof and what to do about it, here's your chance to get some ladies' insight on the matter before you do anything drastic.

We asked women what they think about men's body hair. And when we say body hair, we don't mean just a furry chest, but all of it: backs, happy trails, and even their Downtown Curly Browns. The consensus? You might be surprised … or maybe not.

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Here is the brutal truth about what women think about your body hair:

1. Limit your pubes, if you can, please

"I once told a guy that he should do some trimming because the hair was soooo long you could hardly find anything. He took that as a small penis joke and almost cried. But seriously, it was a deep, dank forest of hair! Doesn't it catch on something when it's that long? Am I a jerk?" asks Danielle, 26.

"Because men have a penis, generally speaking, if their pubic hair gets too long, it sort of pops out on either side of the penis like Larry from The Three Stooges. Not good," says Jennifer, 36.

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2. I'll pass, thanks

"I appreciate the fact that men tend to get hairier with age, but a hairy chest reminds me of my dad. But I also couldn’t be with a guy who waxes it off … guess I lose either way," says Shelby, 30.

"Many years ago, I dated a man with a lot of chest hair, and it was one of the reasons I decided it was best to break things off. I guess it's not my thing..." says Alex, 32.

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3. Furry FTW

"The more hirsute, the better!" says Amanda, 25.

"What can I say? Hairy, all over hairy, is manly. Guys are supposed to have hair everywhere! Backs, knuckles, the works. I love it!" says, or rather exclaims Sally 24.

"I don't really have a preference, but I love a good fuzzy belly. Happy trails for the win" says Colleen, 30.

"I did a fist bump with a trooper (I get to interact with many cops at work...), and I felt the hair on his knuckles graze my hand, and I was suddenly intrigued. It's great," says Annaliese, 34.

"Au natural. If he naturally has little to no body hair, that's fine. If he's naturally hairy, that's fine. Not sure why, but I'm a bit wary of guys who remove body hair ..., and I feel a bit conflicted saying that because I feel as though I should embrace that same attitude if the roles were reversed, but I still regularly groom/remove my own body hair," says Monika, 26.

"I love hairy dudes. Period. End of thread," says Kate, 33.

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