6 Things You Can Tell About A Man By Looking At His Hands

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Even when you meet a guy who seems to have serious romantic potential, you can't really be certain what type of man he is or which personality traits he possesses until you get further along in a relationship with him.

The good news is, there are several clues you can uncover about a man's character if you know how just a little bit about palmistry, aka palm reading.

When you know even just a little bit about how to read palms, there are lots of interesting things you can uncover about any new love interests who come your way.

A man’s hands are his tools, and they hold more information about him than you might realize. Their condition, shape, and even the way they feel can be indicators of larger issues you may want to look into further.

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Of course, you're not likely to have a lot of time to study a man's hands on the first few dates — at least, not without him thinking you’re incredibly weird — but knowing which specific small clues to look for can definitely help you determine if he's could potentially be the right guy for you.

Here's a quick guide on 6 things you can learn about a man by looking at key features of his hands.

1. His handshake: How energetic and interested he is.

When you meet somebody, it’s normal to shake their hand, but many people don’t realize just how much you can learn about someone through this simple exchange.

When a man gives you a firm handshake, it denotes the positive personality traits of someone who is confident and energetic.

However, if he gives you a “dead fish” handshake, meaning one in which his hand feels limp and practically lifeless in yours, you should probably consider moving on. This typically indicates someone who lacks energy and is disinterested in you, so why bother pursuing him?

It can also be a warning sign if a man gives you an overpowering, bone-crushing handshake. This suggests someone who needs to feel dominant and is likely to have a strong desire to control you.

2. The texture of his skin: How sensitive he is (or isn't).

People with softer hands tend to possess more sensitive traits, while people with firm or rough hands tend to be the opposite.

This might have something to do with the fact that sensitive people often work in careers that don’t necessarily require them to dirty or harshen their skin, and it can tell you some key things about a guy’s personality.

Skin types fall into four categories aligned with each of the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water.

Air: Men who work on a computer all day are likely to have air type skin, which is typically soft, but dry. Many women prefer dating air types, and they tend to be sensitive enough to share their feelings.

Earth: Men with earthy skin are often involved in manual labor, working jobs that require them to subject their skin to a myriad of harsh conditions, causing it to grow grainy and tough. These men are less likely to share their feelings as freely.

Fire: Fire type skin suggests a man who's athletic and active, but who still has a sensitive side. The skin of their hands tends to feel dry, but not soft like the skin of air types.

Water: Men with water-type skin have slightly clammy hands, and are the most sensitive of all four types. Not many men fit into this group, and If they do, it may also indicate laziness.

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3. The lines of his palm: How complex and talented he is.

Some people have lots of lines going everywhere all over their palms, and it can seem like there's an overwhelming amount of things going on there.

Unsurprisingly, when a man has an excess of palm lines, chances are high that he’s holding onto a lot of stress.

That said, line analysis is the most complicated part of palm reading, and there are many other good things that could be indicated by this as well, such as talent markers. More research may definitely be required here!

Conversely, if a man's hand have fewer lines, it probably means he isn’t carrying a lot of problems with him, and he's likely to have a more relaxed personality type in general.

4. His fingernails: How healthy he is.

Fingernails can actually be a great way to learn about the quality of a man’s health, as his nails tell you how he lives his life.

There are many aspects you can look for in order to to tell what’s going on, and the most important indicator to look for also happens to be the simplest: Are his fingernails clean or dirty?

People with clean fingernails are more likely to take plenty of care in maintaining their spaces and their bodies, whereas people with dirty fingernails tend to be more on the messy side.

The color of his nails can also be important.

For example, if the base of a man’s fingernails are red, he might have an issue with high blood pressure.

If they’re blue, it could mean he has an underlying problem preventing him from getting enough oxygen.

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5. The straightness of his fingers: How much stress he's under and if he has trust issues.

Do his fingers lean into each other, bend to the side a bit, or are they pretty straight?

Crooked fingers are a bit less than ideal, as this could indicate that he’s holding onto to some long-term issues.

It’s uncommon for people to have perfectly straight fingers, but the straighter the better when it comes to checking for stress.

One of the most common finger bends is located in the middle finger, which is often seen bending or leaning toward the ring finger. This is a sign of a worry or stress related to decision-making, particularly around money and work.

If his pinky fingers are bent, this can suggest trust issues, so if you see this, watch for signs of problems he may have trusting others. You may as well want to be on the look out for him potentially bending or exaggerating the truth.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that severe curves in someone’s fingers may be a result of an accident or breakage when they were younger, so if in doubt, ask!

However, the meaning still applies, especially if it shows up on both hands.

6. The temperature of his hands: How confident he is.

Are his hands icy cold, warm, or simply neutral?

If they feel icy the first few times you get together, this could be an indication that he feels nervous around you, which can be really sweet. He wants to impress you!

However, if his hands are constantly cold, it's likely he has some circulation issues.

If his hands are warm, your guy is probably pretty confident! He probably has good circulation, and feels secure about meeting you. This isn't a bad indication at all! He might feel really great about being with you.

Being able to spot any of these signs in a man’s hands can give you valuable information about who he is really is.

And you won't have to overwhelm him with tons of probing questions in order to learn more about him!

At least, if you’re willing to give his palms a look ...

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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands. She uses archetypes to assist others in discovering their soulmate match, Visit her website to learn more.