If He's Comfortable Doing These 17 Unsexy Things With You, You're Meant To Be

Love patient. Love is blind. And occasionally involves poop discussions.

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At the beginning of a relationship, it’s completely normal to keep some things a mystery — like hiding the fact your favorite pair of sweats are covered in stains by only wearing nice clothes around them, or freaking out when you have a pimple because you don’t want your bae to see you with a massive zit on your face.

But once you become content and comfortable with your partner, these boundaries which were once heavily enforced slowly begin to crumble. With each passing month or year, you begin to do things you always thought you’d never do in front of your SO.


You swore you’d die before ever farting in front of them, but now you don’t even think twice before letting one rip. In fact, it sometimes even becomes a competition between the two of you where the winner takes all the glory.

My partner and I regularly talk about our bowel movements with each other, a topic that some believe should never be discussed by two people who see each other naked regularly.

Some might say any couple who enjoy talking about their poop together are too close and need boundaries, but if you’ve done any of these following things with the person you love, you know it’s actually a sign of how right you are together, able to be completely natural and never afraid of being judged.


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If he's comfortable doing these 17 unsexy things with you, you're totally meant to be:

1. You’ve made out in public

With tongue and all.

2. You talk about your sex life in public

You’ve openly – and loudly – talked about your sex life in front of the wrong people at the wrong time.


3. You’ve popped each other’s pimples

You take pleasure in the pus-filled process.

4. You keep each other up to date about your bowel movements

Emphasizing consistency and difficulty.

5. You take care of them when they're sick

When the other has had too much to drink, you try to make their vomiting episode as peaceful as possible, even if it results in pieces of vomit landing on your skin.

6. You don't care about his feet

You massage each other’s feet, even if you haven’t cut your toenails in months.

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7. You kiss them no matter what

You kiss each other even if one – or both – of you have bad breath.


8. You don't care if they don't wear deodorant

You put up with your partners BO because, to you, they smell great even when they stink.

9. You don't care what they leave behind

Your partner leaves their snotty tissues in your room and it doesn’t bother you.

10. You have them check out your bits

If something in your nether regions is causing concern, you don’t hesitate to ask your partner to have a peek before going to the doctor.

11. You talk with them while pooing

You’ll openly have a chat with each other even if one of you is on the toilet.

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12. You show them your worst habits

You’ve picked your nose in front of each other


13. You fart in front of each other

Farting during sex is funny, not embarrassing.

14. You help them with their digestion 

After eating a big meal, you rub each other’s bellies to help get the poop out.

15. You share shower essentials

You share soap even though you are aware of the unspeakable places it has been.


16. You sleep with them even though you know they're gross

You have sex with each other even if you haven’t showered.

17. You don't care how gross they are

No matter how gross, smelly, or sick your partner is, you always see them as the beautiful person they are.

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