7 Tiny Signs The Universe Has A Bigger Mission For You

Love is all there is, everything else is replaceable.

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If you’re like me and feel like you don’t belong, this read might help you understand why. You and I have a special gift in our hearts, a gift that all people have access to; they simply have yet to discover this part of themselves. I used to be blind to this power as well. I lived years of my life filled with anger and hate. Only after a major life event did I realize that there is so much more to life than meets the eye.


“Things” don’t bring me happiness; experiences do. A joy for life, a love for the moments and the experiences I get to spend with those who get my high vibe.

There aren’t many people who get me; most ask me to tone it down and stop being so happy, but you probably already know that if you’ve read this far in this article. You can feel me; I can feel you; we vibe on this beautiful high level, no questions asked.

I love discovering the signs that reveal we have a bigger mission on this planet. With the Universe serving as our guide, we follow its lead, and our energies can help elevate others to higher consciousness. Are you intrigued to find out what these seven signs are? Let’s go beautiful souls.


Here are 7 tiny signs the universe has a bigger mission for you:

1. You think less with your mind and more with your heart.

Anything less than love irritates your soul. You don’t quite understand why people argue over little things in life or why they bash each other instead of appreciating, loving, and connecting.

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2. You’d rather be alone at peace than join any unnecessary conversation.

Anything that’s too logical, you aim to stay out of. It’s not that you don’t have an opinion; it’s simply that you treasure your energy more than lowering your vibration to the level where arguments and anger can arise.

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3. You’d love to create more love in the world.

Your mission is simple yet powerful. You wish that more people would focus on love, understanding, and appreciation rather than “being right,” arguing over little things, and blaming or shaming each other. It hurts my heart when people choose hate over love.

4. You care more about helping people than material things.

Because your soul is filled with love and joy, the only thing you enjoy doing in this life is giving, and giving some more love to those who might need it. You feed your soul each day to the point of overflow, and you make every inspired effort to give this overflow of loving energy away.

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5. You pay attention to your inner world more than others.

You care so much about how you feel and what life is trying to teach you that you’re more consumed with each moment of your emotions than anything else. You welcome low vibrational days as part of your awakening journey, and you allow these feelings to teach you the lessons you need to learn.


6. You forgive and let go knowing your freedom depends on this.

Although it’s not easy at times, you’re consistently working on letting go of any past experiences that might have hurt you. As a result, you’re freeing your soul and embracing life more than others. You understand that awakening requires you to go through growing pains, and you welcome this experience.

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7. You’re becoming a shining light to those who are seeking an understanding of themselves.

Your free-spirited nature allows you to speak your mind freely, bringing attention to those who are eagerly seeking understanding in this world. Because you’ve overcome your deep wounds and understand your struggles, you can show the way to those who are beginning to wake up from their stressful robotic lifestyles.


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