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5 Tiny Questions That Can Transform Your Life Overnight

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When we give all of our energy to the people around us, we often lose the opportunity to cultivate healthy relationships with ourselves. Creating a space to connect with ourselves, promoting alone time, and asking important questions is essential not only for your mental health but for the benefit of your other relationships and connections. 

Health and productivity expert Colby Kultgen revealed the five questions he often asks himself to get back on track, fostering a sense of comfort, confidence and self-awareness that has the potential to transform his entire life overnight. 

Here are the 5 questions you can ask yourself to transform your life overnight.

1. 'Who brings out the best in me? Can I schedule more time with them?' 

The people we surround ourselves with can ultimately change our perception of the world. If we have unhealthy, drama-filled relationships, that negativity seeps into other aspects of our lives. 

However, the opposite can also be true: if we have healthy, happy relationships, that positivity influences our own health and the interactions we share with others. So, once we know who these positive people are it's important to cultivate those relationships in a healthy way. 

As relationship expert Eli Rallo mentioned in a recent “Miss Congeniality” podcast episode, “prioritizing friendships takes a variety of different forms,” and the older you get, the harder it can get to set time aside for friends. 

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Whether it’s intentionally sending a “check-in” text, making plans with friends, or simply being a listening ear, prioritizing these relationships can look different for each person. If you’re not sure, just think about what you’d appreciate a friend doing for you and then be that friend for others. 

2. 'Are my actions aligned with what I want in life, or just what others expect of me?' 

When we live for the happiness, pleasure, and comfort of others we don’t often give ourselves the space to dream. Our goals are crafted by others, our aspirations are reflections of those near us and we tend to lose sight of what we actually desire. 

However, when we take time to genuinely connect with ourselves, we can discover that the things we want are actually far different from the goals we set years ago. 

Adopting the approach of “life crafting” — otherwise known as “designing your life to align with your goals, desires, and values” — might be the key to taking action on the answers to this question. When you “craft your life,” you step away from the influences of those around you, hyperfocus on yourself and take control rather than reacting to life’s challenges. 

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3. 'If I keep the same habits I have now in 5 years will my life be better or worse?' 

Nutritionist Claire Sorlie shared the habits she cultivated in recent years that are essential to a healthy lifestyle. For example, she shared specific foods she removed from her life to promote a greater sense of peace in her body and to promote her health overall. 



However, this question doesn’t have to hyperfocus on physical health. While many of us will immediately think about diet and exercise, the conversation should go far beyond just those active lifestyle habits we have.

For example, how often do you prioritize alone time? Are you constantly doubting yourself and consciously fostering space for negative self-talk? These are all habits that will take a long-term toll on your mental health and overall well-being, but self-awareness can give you a headstart at reshaping them. 

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4. 'Which areas of my life would benefit the most from setting stronger boundaries?' 

While they can be simple questions, these prompts often fuel outside discussions that can illuminate areas of your life you’d like to change.



While we often think about interpersonal boundaries — and their importance in our lives — we need to hold ourselves accountable, as well. Whether that means setting a healthy relationship with food, establishing the amount of negativity we allow into our lives, or drawing a line between social media and reality. 

5. 'Which career path would I enjoy while also making good money and having an impact on the world?' 

Whether you’re just leaving college or are 20 years into your career, it's important to reflect on how goals have influenced your professional life. Oftentimes, we follow careers that others want us to pursue or we chase money instead of happiness. 

When asking the above question, you might find it uncomfortable to realize your reality doesn’t match up with your goals. Of course, that’s normal — and it’s okay. However, ask yourself, are you happy despite the mismatch between your goals and reality? Or is it time to make a change? 



Implementing change can feel daunting so start small.

Oftentimes, major life changes are only accessible to privileged and financially secure individuals, however, there are other ways to cultivate the goals above.

Consider implementing easy, stress-free daily habits — ones that can put you closer to your goals — that culminate over time. Small achievable goals build into big change but set yourself up for success so the journey is rewarding.

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