10 Things Women Who Don't Hate On Other Women Do Way Differently

Girl power!

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In spite of what's perpetuated on silly reality shows and grammatically incorrect memes, not all women are catty or feel the need to compete with all females in a 100-mile radius. In fact, more and more women are standing up to help those around them rise, only to find that their own lives become kinder, fuller, and more successful as a result.

Today, we're sharing 10 things women who support other women know:

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1. They know there's enough to go around.

Women who support other women don't fall into the trap where they believe that we're all in some kind of supermarket race and someone else grabbing an opportunity leaves less for us. They would much rather work as a team, grab more of the ingredients on the shelves, and then cook up something amazing together.

2. They don't equate external factors with a "perfect life."

These women fully understand that happiness is an inside job. They know that we all have pains, fears, insecurities, and worries, regardless of whether you look like a supermodel or have millions in the bank. Instead of rolling their eyes when a gal they decide "has it all" shares her pains, they see past their projections and offer support in the best way they know.


3. They don't hold back applause.

When another woman achieves a goal, these ladies are the first to jump to their feet and give a standing ovation. They want their colleagues and friends to know they acknowledge a job well done.

4. They want to see their friends happy.

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Frenemy? What? These women know what friendship means and they don't confuse it with having someone to grab cocktails and be miserable with. When a friend is down, they will do whatever they can to lift them up and would never feel happy to see someone else fail.

5. They know this isn't The Bachelor.

Competing for men is as outdated as the centuries-old fairy tales that encouraged it. They know that not every man is right for them just because he’s attractive, successful, and nice, and would never get jealous of a girlfriend’s engagement ring. They also won't fight over a guy in person, online, or through a mutual friend.


6. They aren't fans of the Real Housewives franchise.

Watching a bunch of grown women put each other down, scream at one another, and stab each other in the back isn't entertaining — it's sad. These women refuse to support messages or engage in behavior that perpetuates the idea that our gender can't be close without being catty.

7. They pay it forward.

When a young woman reaches out for an informational interview, these types of women are the first to respond. When a friend is looking for a new job, you can count on them to spread the word. They know that we're in a connective world, and love to open their networks and share their skills with those willing to do the work to make their own dreams come true.

8. They encourage one another to "go for it."

Hating on someone's dreams isn't something they ever want to be known for. They truly believe that the sky is the limit for those who plan well and work hard.

9. They hold one another accountable.

Not only do they want to live their best life as their best self, they genuinely want that for those around them. If they see someone getting off-track, they won't mumble under their breath or complain to a third party, they will address it one-on-one and ask how they can help.


10. They truly value their connections with others.

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As anyone with an amazing best friend knows, there's nothing like the love, support, and laughter shared with another woman.

Brenda Della Casa is the founder of BDC Digital Media, the Author of Cinderella Was a Liar, The Editor-in-chief and Digital Content Strategist at Preston Bailey Designs, and a Huffington Post Blogger. Follow her on Twitter.