20 Things A Woman Will Do When She’s Jealous Of You

All the signs a woman is jealous of another woman.

20 Things A Woman Will Do When She’s Jealous Of You Daria Lo / Shutterstock

The signs a woman is jealous of another woman aren't always easy to spot.

You might assume someone doesn't like you when in fact she's an insecure woman who's just jealous of you.

Calling someone out for acting on their jealousy is tricky. There's no assurance that the person will own up to their envy.

Here are 20 signs a woman is jealous of another woman.

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1. She tries to be the center of attention when you're there. 

You can tell that another woman is jealous of you if she tries to steal the spotlight whenever you're around.

Some people thrive on being the center of attention. If she has a strong personality, there is a chance she can't help it. 

If she's groveling to be the center of attention, however, it could be a sign that she's jealous of you. 

2. She's condescending towards you.

Jealous people often put others down in hopes to feel better about themselves.

Close friends should celebrate your successes and inspire you to make the most of your failures.


If she goes out of her way to make you feel bad, it could be because she feels threatened by your beauty, success, talent, and so on.

3. She downplays your success. 

It’s normal to feel insecure, but when people feel the need to take it out on you, that’s where you should draw the line.

One of the other signs a woman is jealous of you is how she handles your successes.

If you get a promotion at work or have a wonderful first date, does she try to make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal?

4. She's happy when you fail.

You can tell that another girl is jealous of you if she seems happy when you fail.

When you tell her disappointing news, does her body language seem more at ease? If you get stood up on a date or break out into hives, does it seem like she’s taking pleasure in it?


5. She gossips about you behind your back. 

Ah, gossip. Even if you try your hardest not to partake in it, you can never fully trust that others aren’t doing the same.

If you hear through the grapevine that she’s talking trash, it could be that she’s jealous of you.

Sometimes jealous people think that they can trash talk their jealousies away. Sorry, it just doesn’t work like that!

6. She copies you.

Does she copy your poetic voice, rip off your art, or try to mimic your style?

There’s a difference between drawing inspiration from someone you love and trying to imitate someone you treat badly.

If she truly disapproved of you, she wouldn’t think to copy you.


7. She says that you don't deserve anything good. 

This one should be obvious. When a woman feels like you don’t deserve any happiness at all, there must be something else going on.

8. She brags about her successes. 

You can spot jealous women by how much they brag about themselves.

If you’re secure, you don’t need to prove it. Least of all to your friends.

9. She avoids gatherings in your honor. 

Let’s say you’re getting married or your BFFs are throwing a party for you to celebrate your promotion.

Does she always have a reason not to show up if something’s in your honor?

Pretending to be busy is a sign that a woman feels jealous of you.


10. She praises you when she can benefit from it. 

Jealous people are more calculated than you’d like to believe.

Notice how she treats you in front of other people. If your professor compliments your paper in front of her, does she immediately start gushing?

Bashing you in a professional context would only reflect negatively on her, so she could be rallying to seem like a positive, secure person.

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11. She drops hints on social media. 

When in doubt, trust your social media accounts.

If someone is jealous of another woman, they might reveal their behavior online.

Do they constantly subtweet you, or intentionally bash things you love to get a rise out of you?


12. You're dating someone she used to have feelings for.

Unfortunately, romantic relationships can be a huge source of jealousy for some people.

She might feel jealous of you if you’re dating someone she had her eye on.

13. Or she is dating someone that used to have feelings for you. 

In the reverse, she could feel jealous of you if you have a history with her current partner.

People tend to be jealous of another woman if they fear that their partner will leave them over it.

14. You've received more recognition in her field of study. 

Do you both work in the same field? Have you received more fame or recognition in your career pursuits?

People feel insecure when they don’t have enough recognition. If that’s something you’ve had, it could be one of the many signs a woman feels jealous of you.


15. You have something she wants. 

Ask yourself what this person’s life looks like.

Maybe she struggles to make new friends or was rejected from a university that you got a full-ride to.

People lash out at other people who have exactly what they want.

16. Your friends pick up on it.

Consult your female friends — or any friends for that matter — and ask them if they notice anything weird about her behavior.

If they pick up on the signs of female jealousy, it’s definitely not in your head.

17. They give backhanded compliments.

A secure person would not make fun of your hot selfies or give you backhanded compliments.

If someone is jealous of you, they take pleasure in your pain. Don’t let them do that.


Post the selfie anyway.

18. Anytime you speak, there's a look of disapproval in her eyes. 

You know the look.

It’s almost like she writes off everything you’re about to say before you even say it.

You can tell if a female friend is jealous of you, or any friend regardless of their gender, if they get stiff when you talk.

19. She compares herself to you.

Does she measure her successes with yours?

If she can’t stop bringing up your achievements to downplay herself, that’s a sign she wishes she had what you have.

20. She admits that she's jealous of you. 

Listen to people when they tell who you are.

If she jokingly admits that she’s jealous of you, it’s not a joke.


Proceed with caution.

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There are a few things you can do if you think another woman is jealous of you.

1. Distance yourself from this person.

If you don’t have to see this person at work or live with this person, it might be beneficial to take some space from them.

You shouldn’t have to feel pressured into hiding your successes or playing dumb on purpose all so this person has a better day.

2. Spend more time with people who support you.

Distancing yourself from someone is a good opportunity to make genuine connections with other people.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, cherish the positives.

You’ve done yourself a favor by seeking out new relationships. Enjoy them!


3. Mute them on social media.

If you see them subtweeting you or trying to catch your attention on social media, just do yourself a favor and mute them.

Remember that this is a person who wants to see you spiral, so spiraling will only give them satisfaction.

4. Laugh with them

If they say something rude to you, just laugh at it. If you make light of it they’ll be confused or feel embarrassed for lashing out.

5. Avoid being vulnerable to this person

They’re just not going to be supportive of your successes. If your partner’s best friend or co-worker is jealous of you, you might not be able to escape their wrath as easily as you’d like.


You can, however, be more thoughtful about what you decided to reveal.

If you win a prize for your novel or get a promotion, you don’t have to consult them about it.

They might find out from other people, but it doesn’t have to be a topic of conversation between the two of you.

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