Survey Says All The Hot Guys Live In This Rainy City

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Is the dating pool of gorgeous guys in your city more like a kiddie pool than an Olympic-sized one? According to a survey by Grooming Lounge, it may be time to move: The most handsome men, the survey claims, are swimming in Seattle, followed by San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

The website used the following criteria to scan the nation for the most handsome men: How much the population spent on personal-care services (specifically their hygiene) shaving needs, and apparel per man, plus which cities were known to have the fittest residents in the country, according to data from the American Fitness Index Report.

Here's how the top 25 cities ranked with the most handsome men:

1. Seattle

All I can think about is the big needle they have there, makes one wonder what else is big.

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2. San Francisco

Trolley cars. Need I say more?

3. Washington, D.C. 

Ooh, imagine all the cute White House interns.

4. Boston

Nothing sexier than a Boston accent if you ask me.

5. Denver

Imagine a great first date with a view of this gorgeous city.

6. New York

Best city in the world if you ask me.

7. Austin, Texas

Nothing like some line dancing and some barbecue with a cute cowboy.

8. Nashville, Tenn.

More cute cowboys, and Dollyworld!

9. Atlanta

Georgia is such a beautiful state, no wonder all their men are too.

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10. Minneapolis

This one surprises me actually. 

11. San Diego

They have a great zoo here.

12. Chicago

Have you ever shared a Chicago-style hot dog with a lover before?

13. Boulder, Colo.

Imagine the hiking dates in this city.

14. Portland, Ore.

Portlandia is a fantastic show, let's hope the men are up to par.

15. Philadelphia

Great cheesesteak sandwiches here

16. Los Angeles 

So many cute actors live here. So many.

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17. Cincinnati 

Really? Ohio?

18. Tucson, Ariz.

Hot temps, and hot men.

19. Houston

Save a cowboy or whatever the saying is.

20. Phoenix

Maybe a hot guy will kill a scorpion for you.

21. Dallas

A lot of Texas cities are on this list.

22. Las Vegas 

Makes sense, but I wouldn't trust any of them with your wallet.

23. Baltimore 

I love the name of their football team.

24. Cleveland

More Ohio.

25. Miami

Go sip your martini by the hotel pool and stare at all the shirtless, wet men.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of grooming, Seattle men spend the most on their personal-care products—a whopping $3,413 per year. Men in Cleveland, on the other hand, spent about $2,366.

Guys in San Francisco appear to be the most concerned with their clothes: They spend about $3,731 a year on apparel, according to the survey, compared with the $2,379 Miami men spend.

No matter what state you're in, it still feels so difficult to find a good man.

Any thoughts on the order of the cities?

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