Woman Uncovers Her Father's Secret Second Family After He Stole Her Wedding Gift To Give To His Daughter

It was an expensive gift.

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A woman learned her father had a secret family that she never knew about after he stole the wedding gift he gave her to give to them.

The heartbroken daughter took to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread to share her story with other people on the internet.

Her dad stole her ruby necklace to give to his secret daughter.

:My parents gifted me a ruby necklace for my wedding. It disappeared shortly after the wedding and my mom never let me live it down," she writes.


For several years, she blamed her brother-in-law for stealing the necklace as he had a gambling problem and would often steal valuable family belongings.

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One day, after years of assuming her brother-in-law was the culprit, her dad told her he was the one who had taken it.

The woman wrote, “He admitted that it was actually him who stole it from me. For his daughter. ‘My sisters?’ No, he said, for his other daughter that I don’t know about.” 

Her father then shared the story about his secret family.


His ex-girlfriend had gotten pregnant and the man had been helping the woman raise their child.  

“He stole my necklace to give it to his secret daughter on her sixteenth birthday because my mom controlled the family finances, and there’d be no way he could provide anything else for her,” the woman explained.

The father thought the necklace would mean more to his secret daughter.

The day he gave it to her was also the last time he saw her as she died in a car crash later that night. 

After hearing all of this, the woman was shocked that her father had a secret family all this time and she had no idea. 

She soon figured out that her dad had been cheating on her mom almost her entire life.

Her father and his ex-girlfriend were no longer together as she disappeared after her daughter died, but her father requested she to not tell anyone in the family about this.


She was upset for a couple of months after finding out about her father’s infidelity and eventually confronted him about it.

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“I asked why would he do this to our family. He tried blaming it on my mom, saying that they were never happy in their arranged marriage and they fought too much,” the woman explained.

Even when the woman and her siblings were growing up, their parents fought a lot.

The woman’s mother often accused her dad of having an affair.

“He would always say she’s paranoid. ‘How can you accuse me of that and say that in front of our kids?’ He let us grow up thinking our mom was crazy and jealous for no reason,” the woman added.


She kept the secret from the family for a few years but has been feeling a bit suffocated to keep such a big thing to herself.

Her concerns with telling the family revolved mostly around her mother as she doesn’t want to hurt her.

“Part of me wonders whether she knows, but she’s too much of a narcissist. She would never keep silent and let my sisters defend my dad every time they fight,” the woman added.

She hopes that her mother would eventually pass away without knowing any of this but she doesn't want to keep her dad in a good light in the family’s eyes.


She wrote, “My mom deserves to know. I have a lot to digest and consider, but I think I want to tell my siblings first before I tell my mom. Then we can all show her support together when the time comes.”

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