The Most (And Least) Attractive People In The US Live In These Cities

Can you guess?

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Ever wonder where the most attractive men and women live in the United States?

Maybe you think Southern charm is super sexy, or that tanned bods on the west coast are sizzling.

As it turns out, there are actual statistics documenting the cities with the most attractive people.

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Clover, a streamlined dating service that matches people with other users nearby, analyzed its user data in 2015 to see which cities and states have the most and least attractive people.

Since mutual attraction is at the base of successful relationships, Clover developed a "scoring system" that can accurately figure out a person's level of attractiveness.


So, what did they find?

Cities with the Most Attractive Women

Based on Clover's data, the cities with the most attractive women are:

1. Manhattan, NY

2. Santa Monica, CA

3. Boston, MA

4. Miami, FL

5. Cleveland, OH

6. Queens, NY

7. Tampa, FL

8. Philadelphia, PA

Cities with the Most Attractive Men

If you're looking for gorgeous men, Clover's data suggests heading to these cities:

1. Jacksonville, FL

2. Scottsdale, AZ

3. Virginia Beach, VA

4. Boston, MA

5. Minneapolis, MN

6. Baton Rouge, LA

7. Manhattan, NY

8. Lincoln, NE

Wow. That's ... not what we were expecting at all.

Even more surprising, women from Manhattan are two times more attractive than the "national average," and men from Jacksonville are 70 percent more attractive than the "national average." (If you aren't convinced yet that you should move to the East Coast...)


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Unfortunately, there are some cities with the least attractive people.

Of course, this doesn't mean that living in these cities makes you inherently unattractive. These cities just happened to fall at the bottom of Clover's attractiveness rankings.

Cities with the Least Attractive Women

1. Oklahoma City, OK

2. Wichita, KS

3. Oakland, CA

4. Columbus, OH

5. Colorado Spring, CO

6. Fort Worth, TX

7. Detroit, MI

8. Amarillo, TX

Cities with the Least Attractive Men

1. Sunnyvale, CA

2. The Bronx, NY

3. Jersey City, NJ

4. Providence, RI

5. Anaheim, CA

6. Long Beach, CA

7. Detroit, MI

8. Stockton, CA

Interestingly, six of the eight states with the least attractive women are located in the southern United States, with women from Mississippi allegedly being 7 times less attractive than the national average.


Meanwhile, 50% of the least attractive men reside in California cities.

Information to consider the next time you're thinking about where to move next!

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