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Mom Joins Daughter In Taking Pregnancy Test ‘As A Joke’ — But Ends Up Getting An Unexpected Result

Photo: TikTok
Pregnancy test TikTok

A mother-daughter duo enthusiastically took pregnancy tests together hoping that they would both be negative.

However, one of the tests turned out to be positive.

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Rylee Wright, a TikToker posted a video on her account back in 2021 about the time she found out that her mother is pregnant.

Her video had the caption, "That one time I took a pregnancy test with my mom and ended up with a new sibling."

Wright and her mother wanted to record their reactions to their ‘negative’ pregnancy tests in a TikTok video.

But while taking the pregnancy test with her daughter, Wright's mom learned she was expecting.

Both of them were standing in the kitchen, ready to open a wine bottle after their tests come out negative.



Wright asked her mom about their pregnancy tests, "Will it just say 'pregnant' and 'not pregnant?'"

Her mother agreed and the two then slowly pulled the pregnancy sticks from their packets.

While Wright was still removing hers from the packet, her mother suddenly pulled back in shock. 

She yelled because the test turned out to be positive, but Wright refused to believe that her mother could have gotten pregnant and thought that she was just joking.

After checking the stick herself, she was also in shock and forgot about her pregnancy test.

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Wright's mother said, “I’m going to freaking cry.”

Wright was going to say something but her mother turned off the camera before she had the chance.

She later posted another video explaining the whole situation.

“So we're going to rewind to July. I’m having a bad week, I’m super emotional. A girl needs her mom so, I go to her house for the weekend and she has the audacity to accuse me that I’m pregnant,” Wright said in a mocking tone.



While Wright thought it was ridiculous, she claims she could have been pregnant because her period was late.

“So then, of course, she makes me take a pregnancy test and then that b-tch goes, ‘you know what? I’m also late’ and I go, ‘hello, this is great, let’s video it. They’re both going to be negative, obviously,'” Wright added.

“And then we’ll celebrate with some wine afterward and then it obviously wasn’t that fun anymore.”

Her mother also thought that Wright had exchanged their pregnancy tests in the packets and made her take another one.

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After taking the pregnancy test for the second time, Wright was still negative and her mother was still positive.

“And that’s on being 24 with my mom’s sixth baby due in march,” Wright said.

She then ended the video with a picture of her drinking wine while her mother was sulking in the background.

She posted another video where she is seen taking care of her mother and spending time with her during her pregnancy.



The video includes short glimpses of both of them going to the doctor, the gender reveal party, and a picture of the sonograph.

Her caption read, “At first, we didn’t really believe it was real. But it was! And we were so excited!! And then we found out it was a boy.”

The last short clip included Wright’s mother with her swollen belly. Her caption read, “Only a little over a month to go!”

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