11 Subtle Signs Other People Like You

These hints suggest you're well-liked.

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Spending a large portion of my life in my head and nervous around people, it’s taken me a long time to understand others.

The more I learned about human nature, and the more interest I took in others, the less self-conscious I became.

Now I’m far more attuned. This has helped my social life considerably.

Here are 11 subtle signs people like you (both romantically and otherwise):

By the way, if someone doesn’t do any one of these, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you — the following are hints.


1. They ask lots of questions about you.

If someone appears to have a near-incessant fascination with you and asks lots of questions that aren’t merely superficial, they are likely attracted to you.

2. They laugh quickly 

Eleven subtle signs other people like you

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3. They don't pull away when touched.

I’m not about to encourage you to touch others without awareness.

Some boundaries require nuance in understanding.

But in the right moments, should you touch and no effort is made to recoil, this is a good sign.

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4. They hold eye contact with you.

Particularly in this ‘eyes on screen’ world, holding eye contact is entering into fairly intimate territory.

Holding someone’s eyes is like charging another with a kind of human electricity.

If someone isn’t looking away after a couple of seconds, it’s often a sign they are receptive to your energy.


Eleven subtle signs other people like you

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

5. They make efforts or hints about meeting again.

6. They reciprocate much of what you do.

So, for example, if you poke them teasingly, they will poke back.

Reciprocation often communicates: ‘I like what you do and want to show you that I like it.’

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7. They offer to give you stuff.

A great indication of interest is when someone gives you gifts or offers to pay for things (beyond the expected etiquette of paying for things like drinks on a date).

If someone offers to invest money or more time with you, this is a strong sign.

Eleven subtle signs other people like you

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8. They share their flaws.

People willing to transgress typical conversational superficialities into sharing things that reveal a darker, less socially acceptable, or less pristine image demonstrate something interesting.

They like and trust you to the degree they are comfortable doing this, which should not be treated lightly.

9. They mirror you physically.

You lean in, and so do they.

You touch your ear, and so do they. You tilt your head, as do they.

Mirroring reflects an innate — often unconscious — desire to connect with someone they are attracted to.

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10. They fidget.

This isn’t always the case — but often, when people are shifty around you, it shows they value doing well in their interaction with you.


Such nervousness reflects their need to perform for you, indicating interest and desire.

11. They talk a lot.

When others talk a lot with you, it could simply be that they are big talkers.

Many are.


But if they are talking more than they are known to, or there is an apparent looseness in their speaking — this is often a sign they are comfortable with you, which is rooted, often, to their liking of you.

Eleven subtle signs other people like you

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

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