How To Get Yourself Back When You Feel Hopeless

You will find your way back to the things you did before you broke.

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By Lourdes Tabuyan

You’ll wake up one morning, open your curtains, and feel the light pass through your skin. You will feel warmth. The rays of sunlight won’t burn your flesh. Instead, they will nourish you. You will feel alive.

You will have suddenly regained the strength to stand on your own feet again without breaking apart. You will embrace the sound of your feet walking away from the things that aren’t meant for you.


You will learn acceptance. You will find your way back to the things you did before you broke.

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You’ll hang out with old friends, savor the smell of coffee in the morning, and explore the streets. But you will also find yourself enjoying things you never imagined doing before. You’ll try new hairstyles, keep up with new trends, look for new friends, or order something new rather than the usual.

You will feel the urge to try something different.

You will seek both the good and the bad, even though you had once been broken. But you will be wiser and stronger. You will learn from your mistakes.


You will finally learn to enjoy solitude, to love it.

You will learn everything you need to know about self-love. You will love yourself so hard that no one would dare to love you half-heartedly. You will invest so much time in yourself.

You will do the things that nourish your whole being. You will get back to loving yourself, and it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

You will learn to forgive those people who ask for your mercy, and even those who don’t. Forgiving the people who have wronged you will be the bravest thing you will ever do.

Swallowing your pride may hurt your ego, but remember that when you make peace with the war happening inside you, you will find so much clarity. The clarity you discover will heal your open wounds and emotional pain.


This healing will restore you, and from there, you will build yourself back up again. You will build another version of yourself out of your hurt and angst.

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Your criticisms and self-doubt will strengthen you and pull you out of a room of broken glass and tethered broken strings. This new you will enjoy going out and meeting new people, discovering new things on her own terms, and even listening to her drunk friend’s stories at 4 a.m.

You will become the woman who gets over her loneliness the only way she knows how, the woman who always sees the glass full when it’s almost empty, the woman who finds life therapeutic.

You will finally feel your face go numb from smiling too much.


You will feel the warmth in your heart. You will feel the fire to try harder burning in your veins.

It will scare you how different yet familiar this feeling is. It will remind you of the person you were before you broke. At last, you will no longer fight with the muscles in your head, you will find peace inside your heart, and you will feel complete again.

All you need is to take the first step towards healing, then another, and yet another. You may need to switch lanes along the way but always keep walking.

The path you begin will lead you to find where your heart is. It may be somewhere you won’t expect the current will take you, but it’ll be where you belong.


So, take the leap; take the risk. Run towards your future or take a little walk down memory lane. The path will surely lead you somewhere.

Just take one step at a time, and you will find yourself.

Welcome back, darling. It’s nice to have you here again.

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Lourdes Tabuyan is a writer and physical therapy intern who has had bylines in Thought Catalog, She Rose Revolution, and Unwritten. Visit her author profile for more of her content.