The Life-Changing Spiritual Tool Most People Overlook — But Could Totally Use

Why turn away divine wisdom?

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These days everyone seems to have an opinion about self-improvement. There are life coaches, motivational speakers, and self-help books galore that offer good tips on creating a better life. Each of them has something to offer, depending upon what you need.

There is one area of self-improvement that I often feel is overlooked: Developing your psychic abilities.

Yes, cultivating your psychic abilities can actually help empower you and guide you toward a happier, more fulfilling life. While cultivating your psychic abilities is not generally viewed as empowering, a closer investigation reveals the many ways these skills are natural and are beneficial to improving your life.


These natural gifts allow you to learn about who you are and your limits. They validate you and give you confidence in making decisions.

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Here are five reasons you should develop your psychic abilities:

1. To get in touch with your feelings.

Recognizing your feelings and not discounting them is a good practice because your emotional responses to different situations are often very accurate. Your feelings need to be acknowledged and can be a guide to making decisions.


Feelings are often dismissed or ignored. The results of not expressing feelings can be depression or negative behavior. Acknowledgment of emotions is a key to good mental and emotional health.

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2. To get used to the visions that help to strengthen your psychic sight.

A vision or an image that may flash before you allow you to get a visual impression of events in your life. A vivid dream or a Deja Vu moment can give you clarity about a past moment or future event. Visions are often insightful or precognitive and can prepare you for an upcoming experience.

Realizing that a vision is a method provided by the Universe to process a situation or prepare for an upcoming event is a smart activity. It is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Visions give detail and clarity either with real-world examples or symbolism that is meant for you to interpret.


3. To hone in on hearing your own inner voice.

Thirdly, paying attention to the “little voice in your head” can be a valuable tool. The voice that you are hearing may not agree with your physical senses and could be a warning to be careful. It is a tool from the Universe that is exclusively human.

Nothing can be more direct than a voice giving you exact direction in life! Ignoring a little or an authoritative voice you hear internally is a powerful connection with the spiritual dimension. A voice is an evidence that you are intimately connected to the Universe.

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4. To learn problem-solving with the 'psychic' solutions that drop into your mind.

Inspiration comes from nowhere and is energizing. This is a special gift that appears from no other stimulus other than a problem that you have had trouble solving. It is an “ah ha” moment.
A thought that stops you in your tracks and gives you insight is powerful, but it is only valuable if you act upon it.


Original ideas are exhilarating and can give you new energy. Inspiration remains the greatest expression of psychic abilities.

5. To receive psychic smell and taste impressions. 

Receiving aromas and tastes that do not exist with a physical stimulus assists in growing your psychic abilities. These impressions are often not attributed to psychic abilities, but they are valid instances of a psychic event.

The receiver can evaluate the value of these situations as a symbol by paying attention to their environment and determining if there are any patterns of events when they appear. Many people use these senses as their superpower and never share these impressions with others.

It may appear socially incorrect to say that something literally “stinks” or that it placed a “bad taste in their mouth,” but these impressions are real and special. Learning the symbolic meanings of these sensations takes time, but a wise person remembers the results, so pay attention to them.


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Each of the psychic senses gives you an edge. They may give you signs and symbols that are for you to interpret. Once you start paying attention, you will learn you are integrated into the Universe and have a unique place.

There is much joy and happiness that you can attain by participating in learning more about your gifts.

The gifts are already there, but it does take some effort on your part. You should not be afraid to learn about yourself and the talents you naturally have at your disposal. Today many people are promoting empowering techniques to help people live a better life. These techniques assist people in becoming more assertive and confident in life.


They are valuable and good, but one of the most empowering activities you can do is learn about your psychic gifts. Developing your psychic gifts is a journey of self-discovery, rewarding and expands your consciousness.

Understanding you are an antenna gathering information from beyond the physical is a gift that you may be overlooking in your life. Learning about your natural inclinations and limits is a good thing that only requires paying attention to them.

These gifts are easily accessed and developed with time, patience, and support from others. Learning to trust is an issue, but over time this will come to you. You can learn other self-help skills, but you already have psychic abilities, so why not use them?

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John Cappello, M.B. A., is a practicing psychic medium, astrologer, author, and radio talk show host.