20 Cosmic Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Missing You

Always listen to and trust the universe.

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Everyone has wondered if someone special in their life is missing them. Maybe it's a long lost love, a family member, or a friend you lost touch with.

The pain of not knowing can be too much to bear, but if you know what signs to look for, you will have the answers you need. And sometimes, it's the universe that can give us those answers.

There a several signs the universe will send to let you know that the person you are thinking about is curious about you as well.


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20 Spiritual & Psychic Signs From The Universe That Someone Misses You

1. They show up in your dreams.

One of the most obvious signs that someone is missing you is their presence in your dreams. Dreaming about a person is one of the spiritual signs that you are missed.


Your subconscious mind has a way of delivering messages that you may not get in your waking life. Dreams create a psychic connection between you and your loved one.

2. You suddenly feel a need to be around the person.

You may not have thought about them in months or even years. But now, out of the blue, you are having intrusive thoughts about them.

The universe will send you a message to let you know that now might be the perfect time to reach out to the person you are missing. Paying attention to this subtle sign is important.

3. You have frequent unexplained mood swings.

Mood swings are another sign that someone is missing you. When you are emotional about someone, your mood is all over the place.


Dealing with the roller coaster of emotions can be tiresome, but it could also serve as confirmation that the person you are missing is feeling the same about you.

4. You have hiccups.

There are several reasons you could have an onset of hiccups. It could be a medical condition, or you could have eaten or drank too fast, causing your body to react.

But if the hiccups show up out of nowhere, it could be a signal that someone, somewhere is missing you. It’s a good idea to keep your lines of communication open in case they try to reach out.

5. Your eye twitches.

Eye twitching can be the result of not getting enough sleep, drinking coffee excessively, or staring at your computer screen for an extended period.


But some psychics believe that if your eye suddenly start twitching, it may symbolize your presence in someone’s mind.

6. You see repeating numbers.

Repeating numbers are also known as Angel Numbers. They may show up on a license plate as you drive down the street or as an address. Angel Numbers can appear anywhere.

And if you see repeating numbers recurring in your life, it may mean that someone is missing you. It might be the right time to reconnect.

7. You get a random text from them.

Someone texting you out the blue is an undeniable sign that you are on their mind. You may never have expected to hear from them again.

Not only is the text message a cosmic clue, but it is also physical proof that you are being missed by someone you were once close to.


8. You felt a phantom touch.

Have you ever felt like someone or something touched you and you swung around to find yourself alone? It’s possible that somebody is missing you.

Phantom touches are universal energy transferring from one person to another. For this to happen, whatever emotions they are feeling about you have to be strong.

9. You break out in goosebumps.

At some point, you've felt freezing cold and noticed goosebumps on your arms. Or, you felt an emotion so strong that it triggered your skin to break out in hives.

But what if neither happened and goosebumps randomly appeared on your skin? Perhaps someone you miss is missing you back.


10. Their family and friends remember you.

Depending on how much time has passed, the friends and relatives of people you were connected with can forget you ever existed.

If you run into these people and they seem to gravitate toward you, it could mean that their relative is missing you. They may be reflective of his or her emotions toward you.

11. All posts on social media lead back to them.

If you’re scrolling through a social media platform and every post, meme, or GIF you come across reminds you of them, they are probably missing you.

The relatable posts could be a sign that this person misses you and needs you back in their life. Consider it a great time to get in touch.


12. You want to be with them at all costs.

Are you suddenly feeling like you need to be with someone by all means necessary? The universe is letting you know that you are both missing each other.

Don’t ignore the message. Call them, or if they are close enough to visit, stop by and check on them. They will be glad you came.

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13. You find a white feather.

If you find a rare white feather just laying around, someone might be thinking of you and missing you.

White feathers usually pop up when you are thinking of a particular person excessively. Because it is so uncommon to find a white feather, take it as a sure sign that someone is missing you and you need to take action.


14. A psychic source tells you someone is missing you.

If someone with psychic abilities tells you that you are missed, believe them. With their unique connection to the unknown, they are picking up on the feelings and emotions of that person.

Psychics can interpret and translate messages from the spirit world. With their professional help, you can determine whether or not you are missed and what to do about it.

15. You reminisce on songs you both loved.

Sometimes hearing a familiar song can bring up memories that have been long forgotten. If a song reminds you of someone, chances are they are missing you.

The music might have a special meaning to you and that person, and hearing it will bring up emotions that have been buried.


16. You start sneezing.

Sneezing can be related to the common cold or allergies. But sneezes can also be a spiritual sign that you are missed.

If, for no reason, you start sneezing, the universe is commanding your attention to let you know someone you have thought about is missing you.

17. You have a stomach ache.

If your stomach becomes upset and you are not sick nor have you eaten anything bad, it’s possible that there is a person that is missing you.


Cosmic energy can impact your physical body, so if you are otherwise healthy, this might be hint that a special person is longing for you.

18. This person shows interest in your life.

If someone reaches out to show interest in what you have going on, they are likely missing you and reaching out to get reacquainted.

People lose interest in things they don’t care about. If they are reaching out, they certainly care and want to be a part of your life.

19. You make them blush.

Remember being shy around the person you had a crush on in elementary school? Adults are not much different and tend to blush in uncomfortable situations.

If an ex is blushing when they are around you, you can bet that they are overwhelmed with emotions and happy for the chance to see you.


20. They value your opinion.

Once in a while, a person you have lost touch with will reach out to get your input on something that has nothing to do with you.

Despite the distance between you, they miss you and value your opinion. They have a desire to have you back in their life.

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