15 Signs You're A Better Person Than You Think You Are

Nobody can make you doubt your greatness.

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It’s easy to doubt how good of a person you are.

Even with good intentions, if you are a person who usually tries to save everyone or constantly nurtures people, sets healthy boundaries or simply says “no,” it might cause others to say things that make you question whether or not you are, in fact, a good person.

There are lots of ways that good people show us exactly who they are. But there are telltale signs to look out for, so you don’t feel doubtful when you decide to give yourself a little bit of attention and self-care.


A TikToker by the name of Professor B shared his top five signs you're a better person than you think you are. However, there are plenty more signs to look for that illustrate your pure heart.



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15 Signs You're A Better Person Than You Think You Are

1. You're honest and transparent.

According to Professor B, if “you’re the type of person that always says what’s on your mind and says what truth right in front of you, regardless of what it makes a person feel, you are honest, transparent, and a much better person than you might suspect you are."

Being upfront and genuine is one of the hallmarks of establishing healthy relationships.

2. You're polite and respectful.

The second sign you are a really good person is in how you treat people. If you tend to lead with kindness, empathy, and understanding, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the emotionally bankrupt people moving through society.

3. You're complimentary toward others.

When someone does something that is deserving of kudos, you are quick to applaud them. You aren't one of those people who sees a win for another person as a loss for you.


You regularly congratulate people in person and even on social media when they share their good news or accomplishments. Good people want the best for everyone, not just themselves.

4. You take accountability.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you are quick to admit wrongdoing and take responsibility for your actions. People who can own up to their mistakes and take accountability for their actions are magnetic and others know they can count on them.

5. You're trustworthy.

When you are found to be untrustworthy, regaining trust takes a lot of intentional action and things will still never be the same. People who are considered good don’t violate the vulnerabilities of others in the first place. Being someone that others can trust is a good attribute to have.

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6. You're wise and use what you have learned.

It’s not enough to learn life’s lessons. You have to put what you have been taught into action.

The ability to move on from mistakes and grow as a person is usually attributed to old souls who are, by nature, good people. They know how to move through life thoughtfully and deliberately.

7. You show gratitude.

When we are grateful, we tell the universe we are open to receiving even more blessings. Good people show gratitude when wonderful things are bestowed on them. They know that a simple act of appreciation can shift the energy in any room.

8. You're kind and empathetic.

People with empathetic personalities are intrinsically good. They have the ability to selflessly see beyond the flaws of others. You don’t prejudge and give people the benefit of the doubt knowing that you can’t judge a book by its cover.


9. You exude positivity.

If you are a good person, you know how energy flows between us, our environments, and other people. You strive to bring positive vibes with you and leave every person and place you encounter much better than you found it.

10. You're a giver.

Far from greedy, you love to share your gifts and resources with anyone in need. You aren't the type to covet information, and you lift others up as you climb. The best people are successful because they know all too well that it’s not always about them.

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11. You know how to get over it.

Good people don’t hold on to grudges or misdeeds. They are quick to forgive and move on with their lives. Even when they are wrong, they take accountability, do what they can to make it right, and keep it moving, understanding that a guilt complex serves no one.


12. You are who you are.

When you are a good person, you are always that, no matter who is watching. You treat everyone the same in public as you would in private and stay away from two-faced behavior like gossiping and disclosing the personal business of others.

You show people who you are and they can believe you because you don’t switch up based on the audience.

13. You're patient.

You know that whatever is meant to be, will be, and it will happen at the right time. Good people know that we are all working in coordination with each other and the universe, and that just because you want something to happen now, doesn’t mean it should.


Knowing how to wait your turn is a clear indicator that you are considerate and a better person than you thought.

14. You show support.

If you are truly good, you support others in their times of need. It doesn’t have to be a life-saving effort. It could be a word of encouragement that inspires someone to embrace challenges they are facing.

Spending time helping others is something you do for your own fulfillment, expecting nothing in return.

15. You have humility.

Good people are not braggadocious. They understand their own power and talents but don’t feel the need to walk around like a billboard, telling everyone about all of their accomplishments. When they do tout their achievements, it’s with the intention of inspiring and informing.


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