8 Empowering Signs You Have A Warrior Spirit

Warrior spirits feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Let’s face it, some of us navigate tough situations and life’s ups and downs better than others. Everyone is faced with hurdles that could possibly break their spirit.

But there are some people with a warrior’s spirit that face challenges head on and win.

What does it mean to have a warrior spirit?

To have a warrior’s spirit does not mean you are not hurt by betrayal or that you never feel sorry for yourself. It just means that you don’t allow negative experiences to change the fabric of your being.


You believe you can get past anything and exude strength.

Someone with a warrior spirit understands the bigger picture. He or she is aware that this is just a moment in time along their spiritual journey.

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8 Signs You Have a Warrior Spirit

1. You face your fears.

People with warrior spirits don’t feel intimidated by the things they fear. They fully understand that the key to overcoming their demons is to face them.

They say that fear is false evidence appearing real. Spiritual warriors allow themselves to feel the fear and keep moving, dispelling any false beliefs.

2. You're resilient.

Some things are enough to break the average person’s will. But spirit warriors are different. No matter what they go through, they bounce back.

People with a warrior spirit have the clarity and awareness to know that this, too, shall pass. They may have been down, but they are surely not out.


3. When the going gets tough, you get tougher.

Those with a warrior spirit know how to kick it into high gear when things get hard. They know the value of hard work and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Because these warriors have a history of facing roadblocks, they have unwavering faith that they can and will get past anything that gets in their way.

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4. You love deeply.

As a spiritual warrior, your strong exterior belies the loving, caring soul beneath the surface. You value giving and receiving true love.

The hearts and souls of people with a warrior spirit are filled with authentic concern for their fellow human beings and use that love to motivate them.


5. You value truth and authenticity.

You care about building deep and meaningful relationships with others. You are not concerned with superficial facades, but seek a deeper connection.

You also have a need to keep learning about yourself and what makes you tick. You are going through a spiritual awakening, determined to focus on what matters.

6. You let nothing get in your way.

When you are dead set on getting something done, there is nothing in the world that can stop you. Warrior spirits believe they are just as capable as anyone else.

No external circumstances can shake your resolve. You know that to whom much is given, much is expected, and you are prepared to give it all you’ve got.


7. You listen to your own intuition.

Because no one knows you better than you, the person you trust the most when making decisions about your life is... you.

You are tuned in with who you are, and although you may listen to some input, you know you are the foremost authority in your own life.

8. You’re kind-hearted.

Spiritual warriors are fighters when they need to be. But they are also surprisingly loving and considerate to others.


A willingness to stand up for what is right, and advocate for those who can’t do it for themselves, requires love and kindness. Spirit warriors show respect and compassion through their actions.

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