The Spiritual Way To Heal The People You Love — Even When They're Miles Away

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Do you feel helpless and frustrated because there's someone you love who you can't reach out to and support?

Or, is there an issue somewhere in the world that you deeply care about, but don't know how you can help?

The good news is, just because you're far away from a loved one, friend, or a heartbreaking global event doesn't mean you're powerless to send your support. You can offer distant healing to anyone, anywhere.

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How to send distant healing across the globe

These days it seems like people all over the world are somehow directly or indirectly affected by some kind of hardship or challenge. There's COVID, natural disasters, conflict, inflation, backsliding democracies, prejudice, inequality, and the stripping away of rights.

And, of course, there are those idiosyncratic events such as the dissolution of a marriage or other important relationships, bullying, mass shootings, or the loss of a loved one.

If you're feeling helpless and unable to directly assist someone or something, offer energy healing. It allows you to give the gift of emotional and spiritual support to anyone anywhere in the world. You can learn to do it yourself or ask an energy healer to do it for you.

Let's consider the analogy of light and sound energy to help explain how distant healing can reach someone across the globe.

Light travels over distance and through time. It actually defines time. Sound travels too. And it penetrates through walls.

Distant healing is channeled life force energy, which is simply what gives all living things life.

You channel life energy — otherwise you wouldn't be alive. Like other forms of energy, it can also travel through time and space.

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Lifeforce energy is a special type of energy

All forms of energy, including life force, are measured and expressed in terms of frequencies. And, the range of possible frequencies is infinite.

In fact, some of the different types of energy healing, utilize different frequencies of lifeforce. This partly explains the unique experience of and special applications of particular modalities.

Lifeforce energy, however, is hard to perceive and beyond quantitative measurement. Its measurement has thus far stymied the capabilities of our state-of-the-art scientific technology. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

While largely beyond the range of our sensory perception (vision, hearing, and smell), it's possible to discern its presence through sensing and touch. The basic method of transmission and transformation is intention.

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Setting the intention for distant healing

You can incorporate any intention into distant healing.

However, you need to make sure that your intentions are positive, clear, and specific, leading you toward the specific outcome you want rather than simply moving you away from a problem you or someone else faces.

For example, a positive, clear, and specific intention would be "my mother is free from pain and resumes all activities she engaged in before her fall," rather than "my mother feels less pain after her surgery."

An important note is you can't change someone's free will and you can't inflict pain or harm on another person, place, thing, or situation. This is because, by definition, lifeforce energy is life-affirming and does no harm.

One way to ensure the ultimate desired outcome is positive is to add the phrase "in the highest and best interest of all involved" to the end of the intention.

Examples of distance emotional and spiritual support

  • My husband's recovery from his surgery is quick, complete, and painless.
  • My daughter passes the bar exam.
  • The local union and management settle their differences such that workers appreciate and benefit from the outcome.
  • The new resource extraction law is rescinded and the forests and watersheds remain pristine.
  • Earthquake victims in other parts of the world get the help they need: Lives are saved and they're able to quickly rebuild their lives.

So, don't despair when people you love or others you care about are in trouble and you can't physically reach out to them directly. Send distance healing or ask an energy healer to send healing for you.

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Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is an integrated spiritual life coach, embodied practitioner, and energy healer who helps clients with personal growth, natural healing, and wellness. She shares more information on Starchaser Healing Arts.