30 Best Side Bang Hairstyles To Replicate

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Remember those side bangs you had in middle school that never would lay right and ended up poofier than you wanted? Having bangs was never worth it because it always ended up in a bobby pin later, right?

Well, think again, because those bangs are back and better than ever!

If you're looking to take the plunge and dive back into the world of hairstyles with side bangs, let us be the little push you need to show you how great you'll look when you get them.

Bangs usually look best on round faces, which are soft around the edges and often wider in the cheeks — but anyone can give them a try.

Trust us, we know the commitment and courage it takes to make the cut (no pun intended), and we promise you'll be loving them as much as we love all these hairstyles for all face shapes and all hair types.

We have compiled a list of 30 different side bangs styles so you can create the perfect look for any time of day.

From blunt, to straight, to long hair, to short hair,side-swept fringe, and even faux bangs, whatever inspiration you're looking to draw from bangs, we've got it all listed below!

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1. Reese's Signature Look

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The "Legally Blonde" icon is the queen of side-swept swoop bangs. If you're working with bangs that are a little more grown out, this look is an effortless style that can be achieved and worn from day to night.

2. Blunt Cut

For blunt thick bangs across your forehead, it leaves little room to work with. Try a good styling cream, like this Miracle Styling Potion, to help your hair stay flat and keep away those fly-aways.

3. Long Side-Swept

Having a blunt bob cut is already such a statement. Tame your bangs and let them fall flat with this easy and sophisticated look.

4. Sleek Straight

You'll need a hair straightener to achieve this look. Simply straighten your hair and side bangs before pinning your hair back. Your bangs will be left to impress for days to come.

5. Iconic Olsen Twin Cut

The Olsen twins really crowned the side-swept bang style. I've been trying to master this look since I was 10... be right back, I'm suddenly wanting bangs again.

6. Serena Van Der Woodsen

A long and wavy hairstyle to give you those Gossip Girl vibes all winter long. You can even add in some loose curls or sea salt spray to get some beachy waves.

7. Emma Stone

Photo: Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Isn't this the picture we all take into the hair salon and it just never comes out that way? Well, if you're lucky enough to have perfect bangs, they look something similar to this. Emma pairs her sleek bangs well with loose waves to mix up the look.

8. Long Hair, Don't Care

If you're looking to add a little drama to your extra long hair, choppy bangs sure do the trick!

9. 'The Rachel' bangs

Jennifer Aniston always knows how to rock the ponytail and bangs look. If you're looking to achieve this, be sure to tame any frizz after putting your hair up with the Moroccanoil Frizz Control.

10. Curly Hair Pony

A perfect hairstyle for going out to a baseball game or Sunday Funday. Simply curl your hair and then pull it back into a ponytail, and pull out your bangs for some added flare. You'll even have Jennifer Aniston jealous!

11. Rachel McAdams

Photo: Everett Collection / Shutterstock

A combo of contemporary and sexy. Rachel has all the volume in this perfect blowout, and even her bangs lay perfectly across her face.

12. Bob & Bangs

If you're working with a bob and grown-out curtain bangs, a great everyday look is just a sleek straight part down the middle.

13. Loose Waves

This look gives the illusion that your bangs are longer than they appear. If you style them correctly you can tuck them into your layered hair of loose curls.

14. Kate Moss

The signature bang look that started it all. These bangs can be worn straight across or you can brush them to the side for an easygoing day look.

15. Silky Smooth

Think Cameron Diaz's effortlessly smooth hair, which always looks soft and clean. Achieve this look with a hair mask while you shower so your hair game is set up for nothing but success!

16. Face Framing

Pull out a couple of pieces of hair to frame your face when you put your hair up into a ponytail or a top knot!

17. Pin Back

If you want the look of bangs without the commitment, pin your hair back to give your face some framing without taking the plunge.

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18. Small Portions

There is no right or wrong way to have bangs! We are loving this cut for how cute and dainty the short side bangs are. The bangs are so subtle and bring so much life to her hair.

19. Half Pony

If you're looking to put your hair back, put up a half pony and leave your bangs out for some fun!

20. Loose Bun

Photo: BLACKDAY / Shutterstock

Running errands and not going to be home for a while? This on-the-go style is effortless and flirty.

21. Low Bun

This style is very Lauren Conrad. The chic low bun lets you manage all your layers while still looking classic and elegant.

22. Messy and Free

These tousled waves sure add dimension to the style. The uneven textures as the bangs frame her face really make the look, don't you think?

23. Grown Out Pixie

This styled pixie cut has every woman wishing she could pull it off, but only the bold go for it. If you're ready to commit to the chop, this style so seamlessly blends into the bangs, making sure it never goes out of style.

24. Volume Up

This platinum look is elevated with incredible volume. The bangs are framed so perfectly around her face they are even long enough to tuck back behind her ear.

25. Blown Out

This look would be best achieved with a hairdryer and brush. Just put a little more emphasis on the ends when you're blow-drying so it all flips out. This also looks great for second-day hair.

26. Choppy Bangs

Photo: popcorner / Shutterstock

If your bob is on the shorter side, make your bangs a little choppy to add some edge to your hairstyle!

27. Top Knot

If you're looking for an up-do, add a top knot before you style your bangs.

28. Loose and Free

This look was achieved with a large barreled curling iron that created the appeal of loose waves all around the head. Just run your fingers through your hair and bangs after curling to make the hair light and flowy.

29. Deep Part

If you're looking to give the illusion you have more volume, cut your part a little deeper for an added fluff.

30. Chopped Ends

The nice thing about bangs is they come in all shapes and sizes. If your layers are a little more grown out you can achieve this look with a simple blowout.

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