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Server Experiments With Different Hairstyles To See Which One Earns Her The Most Tips

Photo: TikTok
Tiktoker tries different hairstyles

Only making about $3 an hour as a server, it’s clear that making tips is the bulk of Texas Roadhouse server’s wages. 

So, is there something that can maximize their income? 

Some might say a sparkling personality gets you great tips — others point to humor. 

TikToker @juliabates7777 started a new video series where she tested her own theory — the perfect hairstyle.

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The server tested which hairstyle earns the most tips. 

In a new TikTok series, this Texas Roadhouse server goes to work with a range of different hairstyles to test her theory that customers tip based on their servers' looks.

With her first video on August 8th, Julia captions a video with “trying different hairstyles as a server to see which one makes me the most money.” 

She’s quick to show off her very first experiment with her hairstyle for Day 1 — a braided back high ponytail. 



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Comments are enticed by her comment to ‘stay tuned’ for the results. One comment mentions that they “also work at Texas Roadhouse,” and are looking forward to stealing her hairstyle tips. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, she gets more and more creative with her hairstyles — sporting bubble braids, different ponytail styles, and even pigtails. 



She even interacts with other servers in the comments, trying different hairstyles that they recommend for great tips. 

In a 13-part video series, this TikToker breaks down which hairstyles made her a ton of money in tips. 

In her first recap video from the first week of the video series, she prefaces her viewers by mentioning that she worked in different sections, got left off work at different times, and interacted with very different audiences for her shifts. 



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Even after a week of trying different hair suggestions, she surprised her user by sharing that she made the most tips with the very first day’s hairstyle. 

She also mentions that she was shocked by the results — she believed that pigtails would surely take the cake. 

Urging viewers to continue to follow along, she mentions that she’s taken tons of comments into consideration and has no shortage of new styles to try out. 

In addition to sharing each hairstyle, this TikToker also provides tutorials for other servers and viewers to follow. 

After tons of comments urge her to share how she does her hairstyles, Julia takes to TikTok once again to share her secrets. 

“I’m for sure trying this tomorrow,” one server comments under her tutorial. 



Not only is Julia helping other servers make the most tips they can with an innovative theory on her hairstyles, but she’s also sparked a TikTok trend. 

In the months following her first video, hundreds of other servers have popped up on TikTok to try out her theory – even others from Texas Roadhouse

While serving can be a demanding and sometimes stressful job, this TikTok series has encouraged adding some fun to your schedule while making the most money you can! 

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