8 Rare Signs You Have Irresistibly Magnetic Energy

"You don't have to be a perfectly put-together person to be magnetic. We are all having a human experience."

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Do you often find that strangers approach you on the street? Do animals seem drawn to you? Do you notice technology glitching whenever you walk into a room? While it’s also true that you might have something stuck to your shoe, a snack worth sharing, or a tendency to pick places with broken Wi-Fi, these can also be signs of something larger.

People with magnetic energy often experience similar phenomena. Maybe you've noticed these traits and brushed them off as a coincidence. However, according to spiritual mentor Carly Pearce there are eight signs that point to the lucky few with truly magnetic energy.


Here are 8 rare signs that you have irresistibly magnetic energy:

1. 'You feel connected to the universe or something greater than yourself'

While it might be difficult to articulate, people with magnetic energy often experience a yearning or understanding of something larger than themselves. Whether it manifests as a career desire to help others or an intense empathic yearning to serve, many people with these kinds of auras just think bigger.

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Individuals with magnetic energy might find it impossible to go about daily life without carrying the burdens of worldly problems. Although it can weigh heavily, it shapes their perspective, personality, and goals.

2. 'You’re eager to keep evolving and learning to become the best version of you'

If you’re someone who’s attracted to a million different interests and has multiple friend groups, chances are you have great energy. People who spend time dedicated to learning, growing, and intentionally connecting with the people around them often spread a beautiful magnetic aura that gives them the energy to keep going.

You have a deep desire to learn how other people think, how their brains work, and the kind of love, empathy, pain, and hurt they carry with them.

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So, if you’re enthralled by rich indie movies, historical novels about love, and impromptu community gatherings, that might be a sign that you’ve been gifted with a special kind of magnetic energy.

3. 'You attract positive people and opportunities'

Great energy attracts great things. People with magnetic energy will ultimately receive the goodness they put out in the world.

Whether it’s passing on a great job opportunity, setting up your friends for success, or looking out for a stranger on the street, nothing goes unnoticed. If you’ve chalked up recent successes with romance, friendship, or your career to pure luck, you might be misguided. Magnetic energy is best cultivated and kept when it’s recognized — don’t sell yourself short.

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4. 'You often experience synchronicities'

While synchronicities, otherwise known as the individual interpretation of interconnectedness between two separate experiences, have roots in both spiritual and scientific backgrounds, their power is equally apparent. Whether it’s numerical synchronicities like “1111” or “1234” you catch glimpses of throughout the day or the stranger you’ve run into several times this week, these kinds of “coincidences” often mean more than you’d expect.

If you believe everything in life is interconnected or guided by a great working force, you’re already conscious of synchronicities and their power. Recognizing them quite often might just be a sign that you’re more connected to this energy than you’d originally thought.

5. 'Technology seems to act strangely' when you’re in the room

If your Wi-Fi doesn’t work or your computer freezes often, that might just be a sign that you need to take a break from work. However, noticing random glitches, the flickering of lights, or even outages in random places when you arrive could be a sign of powerful magnetic energy from within.


While scientific evidence regarding this kind of magnetic energy interference is lacking, the human body is complex and chaotic. There is much we can't logically explain. 

However, spiritual theories and historical legends suggest people with strong magnetic energy — whether positive, negative, or neutral — have the power to cause glitches in technological devices, lights, and other electronics. Whether it happens quite frequently or only when a person is experiencing heightened emotions, there’s evidence from personal testimonies to suggest auras are incredibly powerful and magnetic.

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6. 'Children and animals are often drawn to you'

Have you ever been joined by a curious bird on a park bench, only to be approached by another on the way home? How about being hugged by a child you've only just met? 


Well, it might just be a sign that you have a welcoming aura and a powerfully irresistible magnetic energy.

While, again, most speculation about animals' relationship to ultra-empathetic and magnetic people is rooted in spirituality, the testimonies that people share online are hard to ignore. Often unbiased and unclouded by cultural stigmas and stereotypes, children, and animals act simply — if there’s good energy, they flock to it. 

In the same way, we’re inherently drawn to great music, beautiful landscapes, or emotional scenes, children and animals can be drawn to great people.


7. You 'create space for joy' and gratitude in your life

People with overwhelmingly magnetic energy often make the people around them feel better, more loved, and safe. In order to have that kind of impact on others, you’re inherently making the spaces you enter better.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, people with magnetic energy bring a sense of joy and gratitude to their lives. They help their inner circle take a step back, relax, and appreciate the things that are happening instead of simply auto-piloting through them. You are magnetic because you make the choice to live at higher frequencies. 

8. 'Strangers often approach you or tell you their problems'

Similarly to animals and children, adults often carry a sixth sense for good people. You give comfort and warmth to those around you, including friends you haven't met yet.


You’ve helped someone only because they couldn’t help but interact with you. You’ve cared for someone or shown them kindness only because they were drawn to your magnetic energy. 

It’s both a gift and a curse in many situations, but at the end of the day, it’s one that’s best utilized when cherished.

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