7 Secrets For Attracting A High-Value Partner (That Only The Most Magnetic People Know)

It's about way more than looking cute.

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A healthy relationship is a two-way street. When a person is friendly, likable, and trustworthy, you call them warm. And when a person is reliable, intelligent, and powerful, you call them competent.

When you have them both, you become attractive to the one you want. Because when you make someone happy and feel good about themselves, right away you have a friend, a fan, a follower. But part of that is being magnetic and attracting individuals by the way you act, look, and exude.


And there are a few ways to be attractive to the type of person you want.

Here are 7 secrets for attracting a high-value partner.

1. Begin with a head-tilt.

Your head straight above your neck makes you look serious and more powerful, but less friendly. When you tilt your head, more blood flows to your brain and others feel your warmth.

While listening and even speaking, tilt your head. It shows you feel safe with the other person, and the other person reciprocates your feelings and feels safe with you. You come across as kind, honest, and friendly.

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2. Smile authentically.

A simple smile pays abundantly. If it doesn't come naturally to you, think of a happy memory involving a loved one or a place in time where you were most fulfilled and content. This will make you smile authentically.

Even if you're with a stranger, you will be perceived as attractive and someone that others want to be around. This will also make you appear magnetic, like you can own a room as soon as you walk in.

3. Stay present, in the here and now.

You might try to place a person you meet for the first time. Your subconscious wants to know if this person is a threat or is safe. Without being aware of it, your unconscious is continuously trying to figure things out about this person you're attracted to.


Because like attracts like, the other person who is initially attracted to you, just like you are to them, is also trying to figure you out and place you in a “safe” or “danger” category. This happens unknown to you, just like your heart beats and lungs breathe without you being conscious of it.



Feel empathy for the person you're with and stay open to honest communication. Don’t plan the future or try to figure things out based on past experiences. Instead, stay in the present.

Focus on being here and now and enjoying a good conversation, by both listening and sharing with kindness.


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4. Use non-verbal cues.

Because you don’t know how you look when you speak, practice negative emotions in front of a mirror and notice how your face looks. Next time, when you're with another person and a negative emotion comes up, you will know exactly how you look while engaging in that conversation.

Facial expressions combined with your body language make up your nonverbal cues. It’s important because your nonverbal cues need to match your words.

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When your facial expressions and body language are welcoming, others will want to be near you. You will come off as enthusiastic and warm! Otherwise, when you don't present in a way that's appealing to others, they will walk away.

5. Be vulnerable and authentic.

When you say you "don't know" or ask for favors, it makes you vulnerable. To the right person, that vulnerability makes you authentic. And when someone is authentic, they appeal to many people around them.

Try not to come across as a needy person. It’s a turn-off, especially to someone you've just met.

Instead, let yourself be both vulnerable and authentic. Look at people with unbiased eyes, and smile only from your heart. Appreciate people for who they are and not only for what they do.


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6. Give what you want to get.

People love to be influenced by winners, so maintain that in your body language. Show certainty and people will feel that when they are with you.

Most people on the planet are strangers. And if you want a stranger to know you, there should be an attraction factor, which can only stem from your warmth and competence.

For you to feel loved and supported by those who are attracted to you, you need to work on your lovability factor. You need to be genuinely interested and willing to support them in their dreams. Never play small to get someone to like you. Ask for support in the way you know you would feel supported.




Often, strong people come across as having an “I can do it on my own” mentality. So unless you ask for the help you need, you might not get it. It might not cross your loved one’s mind that you could be struggling and could use some support.

Thinking that "because they love me they should know" is foolhardy. If you want someone to hear you, be genuinely curious about them. For you to get what you want, give them what they feel they need.


7. Enhance your body language.

Pay attention to your body language, as it speaks volumes to how you feel inside.

Lean in when you're with someone and look at their entire face, not just their mouth or eyes alone.

Remain relaxed. Crossed arms make you come across as cold. Uncrossing your arms makes you more welcoming and lets the other know that you enjoy their company and are genuinely interested in them.

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You might think personal magnetism is something you need to be born with, but the opposite is true.

Personal magnetism is a skill and a must for all relationships. Once you learn theories of this skill, you can master it through continuous practice. Only with mastery of personal magnetism can you be sure to attract that special someone to be a part of your life.

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Keya Murthy M.S., C.Ht. is a clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual life coach, relationship coach, energy medicine practitioner at Ventura Healing Center, and author of 11 books.