The Powerful Healing Method Used By Tesla, Cleopatra, Birds And Bees

Ancient cultures recognized the healing potential, with references dating back thousands of years in Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptian practices.

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“There’s something I want to show you,” my wife Adi said to me one day. This is always the way it starts. Adi discovers something and I become her guinea pig.

“We need to start using magnets to help with our healing.”

I drank in this statement and nodded my head without saying anything. Picture Homer Simpson staring blankly back at Marge, and you will get an idea about my state of mind.

Finally, I responded with the only thing I could think to say: “Magnets?” I replied rhetorically. “Like refrigerator magnets?”


“Yes, but there’s more to it than that,” she responded. “We are going to learn the Body Code and start using magnets.”

So, some background:

"The Body Code," authored by Dr. Bradley Nelson, offers a holistic approach to health with the goal of identifying and releasing energetic imbalances contributing to physical and emotional issues. Emphasizing the concept of trapped emotions and considering nutritional, lifestyle, and communication imbalances, the system aims to promote overall well-being, activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms, and prevent future health issues.

Users engage in the process to empower themselves, taking an active role in their health and adopting recommendations for restoring balance within the body’s energy systems.




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Adi decided we were going to do this. We will be traveling to partake in a three-day training to become certified Body Code Practitioners.

But first, magnets ...

The Power of Magnets

When Russian cosmonauts aboard the Mir space station fell ill during prolonged missions, it wasn’t just a consequence of zero gravity or canned food. The turning point came with the introduction of a “magnetism generator” on the space station, alleviating their symptoms and prompting scientists to delve into the profound connection between human health and the Earth’s magnetic field.


As our planet’s natural magnetic harmony is disrupted by the surge in electric machinery, a cascade of health issues ensues. From disrupted electromagnetic communication in animals to the increasing chaos observed in human and environmental health, the impact is undeniable.

Cells, the fundamental building blocks of life, dance to the rhythm of magnetism.

Every structure, from atoms to molecules, is orchestrated by the delicate balance of electromagnetic forces.

The intricate dance of minuscule electric currents and the frequencies they generate facilitate communication within our bodies. Disruptions to this electromagnetic symphony led to chaos and degeneration, reflected in the rising tide of degenerative diseases and violence.


The modern era’s prolific use of electric devices, emitting electromagnetic frequencies that often interfere with our body’s natural processes, raises concerns about the long-term consequences.

The late American physician Robert O. Becker, nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in health, forewarned about the potential health impacts of artificially generated electromagnetic frequencies. His concerns encompassed a spectrum of ailments, linking the surge in these frequencies to cancer, birth defects, depression, learning disabilities, chronic fatigue, and Alzheimer’s.

Becker’s assertion that “all matter, living and non-living, is an electromagnetic phenomenon” underscores the critical role of magnetism in our well-being.

The influence of magnetism extends beyond human health to the realm of animals.


Experiments demonstrate that disturbances in electromagnetic fields can disorient bees, fish, and termites, disrupting their usual functions.

Conversely, magnetism exhibits positive effects, with magnetized sugar extending the lifespan of flies and strong magnetic fields enhancing the longevity of mice.

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Even the orientation of animals, as exemplified by European robins, relies on undisturbed magnetic fields.



Ancient cultures recognized the healing potential of magnets, with references dating back thousands of years in Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptian practices.


Cleopatra herself is said to have worn a magnetic amulet to preserve her youth.

The concept of “energy medicine,” championed by healers who magnetize their hands, aligns with the frequency of the Earth’s natural magnetic field and has roots in historical practices.

The marriage of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th century paved the way for healing instruments based on electromagnetism.

Nikola Tesla’s discoveries and the subsequent work of physicians like Royal Raymond Rife, who treated viruses and cancer using specific electromagnetic frequencies, highlight the potential of these technologies.

In Eastern Europe, magnetic therapy experiments, generating healing frequencies with electromagnetic instruments, have shown promising results.


Physicians like William Pawluk emphasize the magnetic nature of human beings and advocate for magnetic therapy as a complementary approach to conventional treatments.

Magnetic fields, whether generated by mattresses or pulsed magnetic devices, accelerate the healing process, alleviate pain, and enhance blood flow.

Pawluk’s observations suggest that disturbances in magnetic fields contribute to chronic diseases, and the restoration of balance through magnetic therapy offers lasting benefits.


While magnetic therapy is still gaining recognition within the medical establishment, its potential to stimulate healing at a fundamental level cannot be ignored.

The subtle yet powerful influence of electromagnetic fields on our bodies underscores the importance of exploring this primal force for maintaining health and harmony.

As we navigate the complexities of modern life, the magnetic wonders that connect us to the Earth’s natural frequencies might just hold the key to restoring and revitalizing our well-being.

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