About David Ahearn

David Ahearn is a host and emcee, comedian, and best-selling author with more than 30 years of performance experience and 7,000 live shows under his belt.  He is a founding member of the improvisational comedy group Four Day Weekend and is a sought-after speaker for corporate events.

David has written 8 books including, Listen Laugh Connect, 12 Universal Laws and We’ll Always Have Paris.  He continues to write weekly for his blog and podcast, Memoirs of a Renaissance Man which is available on Spotify.  

David has won a lifetime achievement award for entrepreneurship from NAACE, delivered a “Yes, And” keynote address to the United States Congress with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in attendance, and performed an AFE Tour for the United States Military in Europe and the Balkans.  He is also an entrepreneur in residence at the prestigious Neely School of Business at TCU in Fort Worth.  For more on David's writing and speaking engagements visit www.daviddanielbooks.com and www.davidahearn.com.

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