People Who Practice These 3 Daily Habits Are The Happiest By Far

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We all have big dreams, some of which might seem impossible to achieve at the outset.

If you are in the process of trying to manifest your biggest dreams of love, success, happiness, or abundance and don't know where to start, here's a hint: nothing is impossible when you learn how to manifest, and regularly practice the good habits that go along with that.

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If one of my clients is committed to setting goals and making their dreams come true, I advise them to adopt three habits to truly transform their lives.

The keyword here is habits. These are not things that you can do just once and see a change. You have a goal and, now, you reach for it.

If you want to become a manifesting master, you have to commit to doing these things daily. Making these positive changes part of your routine will plant the seeds for real transformation in your life.

Give your new manifestation habits at least thirty days to take hold and you'll see a really dramatic difference. Although many of my clients start to experience manifestations in days or even hours, some bigger manifestations may take some time.

If you don't see dramatic results immediately, don't give up on your personal goals. Keep it up for at least a month and you will definitely see the positive effect that these manifesting secrets can have on your life.

Happy people know that it takes patience to achieve what they truly want.

With that, here's how to manifest your dreams and goals in life.

Here are three habits the happiest people practice daily:

1. They state positive affirmations out loud

Telling yourself the story that you want to hear versus a negative reality of what is going on will get the manifesting ball rolling.

Affirmations are spoken words that create beliefs, and beliefs then create our reality. Think about this: if you are constantly thinking "I'll never be rich", how likely is it that you'll be wealthy?

The first step you need to take is to recognize your negative thoughts and then come up with a positive affirmation that is both true and the thing that you want to manifest. State it in the positive and in the present tense.

If you are feeling poor, saying "I want to be prosperous" is a good first step but saying "Abundance flows to me easily" is infinitely more powerful.

If you're feeling lonely, you could say, "I will fall in love someday" but it would be even better to say, "My true love and I meet at the perfect timing."

It's not enough just to think these affirmations, you need to say them out loud to break the cycle of negative thinking and replace those negative beliefs that you're holding with strong powerful ones. Only then will you live a truly happy life.

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State your affirmations out loud every day as you're getting ready to start your day and you will start to see real shifts in your life with more and more goodness coming your way.

2. They write in a gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is a book where you write down what you're grateful for and the positive intentions that you have for the future.

The process is simple. In the morning or evening, sit down with your journal and write two pages. On the first page, write down what you're grateful for in your life right now.

For example, "I love my amazing friends" or "I'm so happy that I have a good job."

On the second page, write your gratitude intentions, and the things that you want in your life. The secret to this is to write them as if they are already here.

For example, if you want to start a successful business, write "I am so thankful for my prosperous new business." The process of writing this in the present tense powerfully sets your manifestation in motion.

Doing this on a daily basis will spark amazing positive things coming your way and you'll love looking back through your journal at the things that you have since manifested that were once merely wishes and dreams.

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3. They speak in the positive

This last one is sometimes the most difficult habit to adopt. Many times, we get in the habit of complaining about things going wrong in our lives to others.

Somehow, this complaining (and the comfort that we get when we complain to our friends and family) makes us feel closer to our loved ones.

However, when we speak about our lives in the negative to others, we are merely solidifying the things that we are complaining about and activating getting more of those negative things.

Check yourself. Are you complaining about not having enough money, love, or success? Whenever you catch yourself doing this, stop yourself and tell the story in a different way.

For example, if you're saying, "I keep going on dates with complete losers", stop yourself and take the story in a different direction.

You could add something like, "I may not be clicking with the people I'm meeting now, but it's helping me to figure out what's important to me. They may not be right for me, but if I keep going, I will really increase my chances of meeting someone that I do connect with."

Bonus habit: Play the "As If" game

If you really want to amp up your manifesting abilities, then I recommend playing the "As If" game with a positive-thinking friend.

It's simple to do. Just get together with a friend and have a conversation where you pretend "as if" your life is the exact way you want it to be. Imagine that you want to write a book, but haven't started.

Your conversation may sound something like this:

Friend: Hey! I heard you wrote a book.

You: Yes! It's amazing! I wrote that fantasy novel I've always wanted to write.

Friend: That's awesome!

You: Yes, it was a really pleasant experience, writing. The words just flowed out of me so easily. My editor was so helpful and kind. And you're not going to believe this...

Friend: What?

You: It's out now and it's debuted at #1 in the New York Times Bestseller list.

Friend: Whoa!

You: Not only that, but I've gotten contacted by a couple of movie studios who want to buy the rights to the book and turn it into a feature film.

Friend: That's amazing!

And on and on you two will go, sharing your biggest dreams as if they are already here. You will giggle with delight as you tell the story of your manifestations back and forth to each other and be in the perfect place to open up your manifestations coming to you quickly.

Finding happiness requires a commitment to doing these three good habits, every day.

I love it when my clients take these habits to heart and come back to tell me about the beautiful things that they have manifested. You can do it too!

Make these three (plus one) habits part of your daily life and you will be delighted as you manifest good thing after good thing and make your life the amazing adventure it was meant to be.

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Madame Pamita is a tarot reader, rootworker, teacher, author, a maker of magic, music, and mischief, and the proprietress of Madame Pamita's Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles.