What The Colors You Dream In Reveal About Who You Really Are

Are your dreams in color or black and white?

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I've always been curious about dream interpretation, and particularly, what it means about my personality type and traits, emotional intelligence, state of mind, and current feelings when I am able to remember my specific dreams about certain things.

In reviewing the psychology of dream meaning, I've learned that while many people remember their dreams in black and white, there are many others who remember their dreams vividly, and in color.


Colors are thought to represent specific symbolic meanings while we are awake and conscious, and they may, therefore, appear in our dreams as a way for our brains to work through our thoughts or feelings about something or someone.

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The colors we see in dreams may be unconsciously tied to our general associations with those same colors and their shades while we are awake.

When you remember a dream and want to interpret its possible meaning, it's important to look beyond the literal context of the dream itself and also focus on subtle things we tend to overlook, such as color. When we look beyond the obvious, we are likely to interpret our dreams more accurately and gain a deeper understanding of our dreams.

It’s important to note that the meaning of our dreams differs from person to person, as our circumstances and experiences are different from one another's, but there are certain general meanings that often apply to each of the colors we dream in.

Below is a general description of what each color represents in dreams. It doesn't go into colors as they relate to specific objects, but rather gives a general sense of how certain colors represent different emotions, feelings, and details about you.


Here's what the practice of dream interpretation says your dreams in various colors reveal your personality type, traits, emotional intelligence, state of mind, and feelings.

If you dream in ...

1. Black

Black, in many cultures, is a symbol of death and mourning. If black appears in dreams, it can represent sadness and loss. It can also be indicative of the death of old ideas or some other aspect of change.

Black can appear in your dreams because of something that hasn’t been fulfilled in your waking life. It also signifies recklessness and disregard for something in your life. Depending on what is going on in your waking life, it could also represent your deepest and darkest fears.

2. Beige

Beige is representative of the basics and essentials. Beige in dreams may indicate your objective and unbiased view or position on something. Anything related to beige in your dreams is representative of neutrality and detachment.


In dreams, it may signify the absence or lack of communication or passion in your waking life. It may indicate the need for more excitement or passion for something or someone.

3. Gold

Gold in dreams is commonly associated with wealth and prosperity. It could also mean wealth in an emotional and spiritual sense and not necessarily in terms of money. Gold in dreams has also been representative of growth, change, and maturity.

For gold color, specifically, it is important to pay attention to what the gold is on or around in order to interpret the meaning and how it plays a role in your waking life.

4. White

In many cultures, white is the color of purity, truth, and goodness. In dreams, white may represent your need or push to find the truth in something or someone. White can also represent innocence and completeness.


If the color white has to do with a certain person in your dream, it may reflect their goodness or that this person may be able to help you do better things in your waking life. White in dreams may indicate your need for more excitement and joy in your life.

5. Orange

Orange is generally associated with optimism and generosity. Orange signifies warmth, thoughtfulness, and wisdom. It is commonly associated with sociability. In your dreams, orange may indicate a strong spiritual presence and could be associated with positive change in your waking life.

Darker shades of orange may suggest that you need to be more thoughtful toward a person or situation. It is possible that the presence of orange relates to a positive journey in your current life or in the future.

6. Green

Green is the color of nature. In dreams, green can represent growth and development. Green is often linked to feelings of gentleness and calmness. If you see green in your dreams, depending on the context, it could represent the need for mental relaxation.


Darker shades of green may indicate you are envious or jealous of someone or something. Green also represents feelings of hope and serenity.

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7. Red

Usually, red is related to passion, fire, energy, and vitality. It is also linked to anger and rage. If there is red in your dreams, depending on the circumstances of the dream, it may represent your anger or rage toward a person or situation. The association between red and fire may indicate danger and could be a warning to you in your waking life.

Red in your dreams could also be related to negative and violent emotions and could serve as a warning of possible consequences if you act on those emotions. Lighter shades of red represent excitement, passion, energy, and life. Darker shades of red could represent a strong desire for revenge.


8. Silver

It is related to new beginnings, skills, and luck. In your dreams, silver could serve as a form of communicating an ambition. It could also be a push for you to start your journey to some ambition or goal you have set.

Silver can be indicative of gut and intuition and may serve in your dreams as a push to listen to your intuition about a certain person, situation or thing. Occasionally, depending on the context of your dreams, silver could represent precious memories.

9. Brown

If brown is present in your dreams, it may be that you want or need to engage in a more down-to-earth lifestyle. It also represents self-sufficiency and commitment.

Brown in dreams may be telling you to work hard and take control of something.


10. Gray

In your dreams, gray may indicate detachment or ambiguity in your waking life. This may be referring to someone you know or someone you have recently crossed paths with.

Gray in dreams may also represent your need for a lifestyle that includes passion or vibrancy.

11. Blue

Normally, blue is associated with calmness and is commonly used for meditation purposes. It also represents justice, truth, and intellect. Blue may indicate well-being and tranquility.


Darker shades of blue may represent depression or moodiness. Water in dreams may be suggesting that the dreamer attends to their emotional needs more closely.

12. Pink

Traditionally, pink is related to young girls, romance, and well-being. Pink is also associated with unconditional love.

If pink is in your dreams, it may be letting you know of an unexplored opportunity for happiness or love. It could also represent healing, positive, and loving friendships.

13. Purple

Oftentimes, purple is representative of royalty and the legal profession. If you see purple in your dreams, there may be a strong spiritual or religious presence of the need for one in your waking life. It could also be suggesting your need to be more compassionate toward others and in situations.


Purple in dreams indicates a need for openness and honesty in dealings with people and situations. Darker shades of purple could represent misunderstandings or obstacles that need to be overcome in your waking life.

Each color will mean different things to different people. Everyone’s life experiences are different and current struggles or challenges are different for each individual. Interpretation is up to individuals themselves and how certain colors may be applicable to their current situation or waking life.

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Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.